Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sugar Update

It has been a bit since I told you how my sweet Sugar is doing. Tuesday I can say he was full of piss and vinegar. I found him several times in the Hen House eating their straw - this is only to get the girls mad and he had a whole acre of great grass to eat but he was doing this just to get the hens made - he sure did that!!!

Then he stood at the gate to the driveway and just stood with his head pushing on it. Now there is no way he would be able to move it so I was not understanding the waste of energy.

As evening crept in a huge storm that was producing ground lightening strikes and sheets of rain gripped the farm he decided he was not going into the barn. There I stood try to get this fragile guy to move - at one point I was tempted to pick him up and carry him but my back was already screaming. Finally as a lightening bolt hit on the pasture across the street he decided to move, rather almost run me down to get into the barn. As he ran in he knocked me into the side of the barn door smacking my back really hard and then turned as if to give me a look like "Mom, get out of the way we are going to get struck by lightening". I soaked to the bone and nerves rattled I sprinted back to the house and peeled off my clothing, I bet by morning I will be sporting a nice bruise.

So I guess we can say Sugar is holding his own and hopefully will not be such a pain in the you know where today!! However, I am thankful for even his grumpy days...


Jane said...

Well glad Sugar is still being his ornery self. I have a 16 year old dog who was a pain in the butt since day one. She is failing daily, but still gives me a good laugh at the fact that she cant see, hear, move around much, but she still can pull off a few pain in the butt moves. Well these animals keep us on our toes, dont they.

Candy C. said...

You tell ole' Sugar to hang in there and be as much a "pain in the you know what" as he wants to be!!