Saturday, August 13, 2011


Been so busy that I have not had much time to post... So here is the short story

Sugar has been struggling - not sure how much longer he has. Last night was really scary to watch him but again this morning he is up and out the door eating his favorite nibbles in the tall grass.

Had to place the bottle kids back on a bottle a day because of the heat and they where having some tummy issues.

Windows and Door finally up on the house and now I have to find the time to paint them all - crap two will require ladder climbing and you know how I don't do that!!!

Had to purchase two ton of hay - OUCH!!! The issue is Texas is purchasing all our hay and we might not have some for our own critters. Getting sick of doing this dance. Today I have to move that hay into the barns and stack them - OH, my body already hurts this morning so wish me luck.

Manage to get fiber work done this week - made tons of Art Yarn Fiber Bundles, carded up some great batts using my best fiber that I dyed recently - got to get them up on Etsy. Had some great sales this week but will not even begin to cover the hay cost.

Looking foreword to reading a couple of books I picked up at the library about natural dyeing - hoping there will be something new in them - always on the quest to expand my skills and knowledge.

So that is the tip of the iceberg at the Funny Farm - hope all have a great weekend... Please keep Sugar in your prayers

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Candy C. said...

Will definitely be thinking about Sugar and wishing him well.