Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Flashes / News Flashes

This morning I was greeted with a crisp cold chill in the air that required me to find my red cotton sweater. I started the coffee pot and went out to open the hen house doors and to start the day. Half way there I felt the old body light it's pilot light and suddenly the sweater was too much. I reached the hen house with a grin on my face and flapping my sweater ends like the hens do as they come off their perch to greet the sunrise and their pans of grain. I say to them every morning "Good Morning My Sweet One's How Was Your Sleep" which in turn I am greeted with 24 girls all talking at once sharing the events of their evening dreams and worries.

As I made my way to the goat girls barn I was this time gripping the ends of my sweater and pulling it tight around me. I had wished I had put on a hat and maybe some gloves as I gripped the cold steel of the pens gate to enter the feed room. I wished I had Chief woolly mass of fur to comfort my bones but all I had was my red cotton sweater. It sure makes this gal move quicker knowing a hot cup of Joe is awaiting me inside the house once morning chores are done.

I don't know about the rest of you but I have given up watching the News - it is not that I do not care about the world around me, it is more about the commercially driven, sound bite repetition of the negative events from the last 24 hours that does not seem to hold any answers as to how we can change the senseless pain we seem to inflict on each other. Our world has become fixated on knowing all the gore and horror of an event as the news crews circle around feasting on the pain while telling the story over and over again. This only goes to scare us, depress us and to sell us a new pill that will soon be found out to cause more harm then good or drive us to eat something that is not good for us thinking that will sooth our shattered nerves. This also makes us feel as if we have no control over anything and so we turn our power over to a bunch of shifty, self serving politicians who screw us over at every turn. Well, I may not be able to control my body temp, the weather or a million other things but I can control that little button on the clicker.

How many things in life do we just mindless turn over our power too??
Why must I know every horrible event or manufactured event that is being streamed 24/7 on more channels then a person could every wish to view??
Since I do not feel we get accurate information to begin with - how could I even think I am being an "Informed Citizen"? What does it matter if I am informed if I do not take any action? Honestly, how many folks anymore take some type of action?

I believe the first action is not to turn the button on but rather to turn my attention to being of service to something I believe in... It can be something as minor as providing a loving, organic home to kind four legged souls who wish nothing more then to be who they where placed on this planet to be or as grand as helping stamp out world hunger through small farm sustainable practices, or finding funds to provide safe drinking water to everyone on the planet. So as I will be taking on and off my sweater today I will be also be considering new ways to be a New Flash in my own life.

I would love to know what you are FLASHING about?? Sharing our passions might just give others an insight into where their power could go - PLEASE SHARE YOUR FLASH!! We have more Power then we think.....


Candy C. said...

By selling my fresh produce and homemade bread at the Farmer's Market, I'm trying to give people an alternative to the mass-produced, pesticide and preservative-laden foodstuffs that are available at the supermarkets. I have had people tell me "If it doesn't come from the supermarket, how do you know it's okay to eat?"

Jane said...

Funny you should post about the news. I had to quit watching myself a while ago. All they would report on were animal abuse cases and go on and on about it. And I think that all that does is get the sicko that did it excited. After all it got on the NEWS. And the rest of the news was to tell you what hollywood idiot was pregnant or cheating. Who cares? We are in financial ruin, two wars, extreme weather. Rrrggghh.
So I use my energy to give my animals a happy life, meet all our needs with our own two hands, make as little impact on this wonderful earth as I can, and try to live a REAL life. And I am more than willing to help anyone else who wants to live this way too.

Susan said...

I stopped watching television ten years ago and don't miss it one iota. I listen to the news in the morning, but carry the remote with me -- too much bad news and blip - off it goes. I rarely read newspapers, so the only source of news I have is on the internet. And that's bad enough. I think you are on the right track - let's turn our energies to positive things - making the earth better, protecting our fellow creatures, being kinder to each other. It may not be much, but if a whole lot of people line up for it, it can make a difference.

Nicole said...

ahaha you crack me up.