Friday, September 2, 2011

Strong Willed Sugar

Such a long nightand it is going to be a lond day. As the sun sat behind my big pines to the west I was counting the minutes till my sweet one would pass. Hour after hour I sat with his head in my lap. Soon the air was too cold for the clothing I had on so I sprinted into the house and but on long johns, pants, a flannel shirt and brought a army blanket out to keep me warm. As the hours ticked by I sat on the hard dirt floor of the barn with the bag of bones that my Sugar is now reduced too. Still as I sat he would gaze into my eyes and let out a little sound of recognition.

By 3 am he closed his eyes and I thought this would be it. Just then one of the many owls who live here came and perched on the window opening and gave me a start. He sat there watching us both and blinked over and over while letting out a soft hoot every couple of minutes.. I thought maybe the universe was announcing Sugar's passing but just then Sugar lifted his head and gave me that sweet sound just like he does when I would come into the barn in the morning to greet him.

So now it is almost 7 am in the morning, I am so stiff I could hardly peel myself off the ground to come in and make a pot of coffee. Sugar is still with us - his body is still weak but he his still hanging on and not ready to go. Who knows what today will bring but you will find me in the barn on the ground with my dear one.


Candy C. said...

Oh Grace! Big hugs to you both!!

Nicole said...

loosing a friend...watching them in such a condition must be so lucky you both are to have had 15 years to get to know each other. sending hugs to you both. you must be so emotionally exhausted. <3

monica said...

Both you and Sugar are in my prayers tonight and always!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks so very much ladies for your kinds words and prayers. It is with your strength that I am able to keep going. Sugar is my inspiration to keep growing straight ahead. Thank you again for reading this and for you sweet words - it means a lot to me.