Saturday, September 3, 2011

Through the Storm

After getting through a very long Friday of sitting with Sugar and trying to get work done in frantic dashes as to not leave poor Sugar alone for any length of time I was getting worn down. I decided to quickly jump in the shower and get the stink and dirt off me. The hot water brought new life to this tired body and so I put on clean clothes, grabbed a quick bit and out to the barn I went.

While sitting with Sugar who still was giving his all to stay on this planet I marveled how quickly time goes by and how most of the time we are caught up in things that really never matter. Just then the sky grew black, the clouds opened up and lightening started hitting the ground. I opened the barn door and a clap of thunder scared the crap out of me.... Everyone in the barn jumped including Sugar. The ground shook and I ran over to Sugar.. Calming him down with strokes on his forehead and horns he went back to his gentle slumber. The yearlings boys on the otherside of the divider were anything but calm - I agreed with them - the lighting was getting worse and very scary. I would have loved to have been able to run to the safety of the house but their is a big metal gate to touch and go through on the way to the house and the lightening was too risky.. So there I sat in the barn with only my shorts and tee shirt on. The temp dropped a good 30 degrees and I could see my breath in the air. I gave my blanket to Sugar who was shivering with the cold while the goose bumps grew goose bumps and my teeth started to chatter. No time to be a wimp, just suck it up and keep Sugar comfortable.

Power was lost over and over again as the storm looked like some cheesy Hollywood movie where they went over board with the special effects. All I could think about was the goat girls and their babies where trapped in a pasture with no way to get to the barn but I did not dare try to even get to them. Knowing my luck I would be the headline news "Old Farm Girl at Larkspur Funny Farm found like a Crispy Critter in the middle of her field" - "WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?" I kept reminding myself that they are hardy stock and will use their brains.

Three hours later I was able to close up the chicken coop, run to get the girls in and then run to the house to get on warmer clothes. Two more Army blankets, a flashlight alone with a well deserved slice of bread and cheese in hand I went out to sit again with Sugar. I truly thought with his slowing breathing and lack of interest in the noises around him that soon he would join his Brother. I settled on the hay to count the time between each breath - something I did for years with my husbands persistent illness. I sat vigil in his hospital room and at home for so many years that it is just who I am anymore.

As the Sun is rising this morning you'll never believe this or maybe you will - Sugar is still on the planet and ate some grated cucumbers and even a strawberry while I did my morning chores. I have sat with many on this farm while they slip away and this is the first time one of my dear one's has been able to hang on for so long - I do not know if I should be happy or sad - I will just stay in the present moment and record every minute in my heart. I managed to swallow a couple of aspirins and sinus pills along with my cup of coffee while I type this enter. My body feels like I have been beaten with a baseball bat but still I give thanks that all of us made it through the storm and rise this morning still breathing... Oh, the simple things.


Jaja said...

Blessings to you, I have been following these past few days and can almost see you with your loved ones in the barn. You write wonderfully. Your words come to life on the page. Be safe out there in the barn, it sounds like you have a many depending on your company.
Kindest Regards

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks for taking the time out of your life to read my adventures - life around the farm is never what I plan but is there anyone in life who can plan really for things...

I promise there are great times around here too - not always doom and gloom...

Again, thank you for stopping in and for such kind words.