Friday, September 16, 2011


This is the view from my front deck this morning - snow covered Pikes Peak!!!

As I was feeling more then drained of every drop of creativity and overwhelmed with schedule deadlines that was chocking the life right out of me when I crawled into bed last night with every bone weary and mind numbing thoughts swirling around without any hope of a clear resolution.

The night with it's usual up and down moments such as checking on why the dogs had been barking as if Aliens had landed on the front drive. My tossing and turning trying to find a spot on my bed which likened the story of the Princess and the Pea. Not to mention the trips to the powder room for all the herbal tea I consumed while reading. All in all a typical night which would have me not feeling like I had gathered a hour of sleep. I attempted some simple mediation's to quite myself and gave myself the proper mental phrases to gather answers during my slumber time - it helps if you are sleeping but I pressed forward just the same.

As I awoke this morning and struggled with those same feelings I had before I engaged the bed of nails last night I walked downstairs as I do every morning to start the pot of coffee and put Chiefs pills in yet another morsel of cheese bricks and veal sausage. This time before turning down that well worn path I stopped as if someone was calling me on the front deck. I opened the door and stepped out to this incredible sight. The crisp air hit my not so awake face and I took a deep breath as if to draw the mountain inside of me. In that air is also the pungent fragrance of my Billies which for other folks might be offensive but to me it signals that fall is here and so are their interest in the girls..... In the split second it was as if Life was given to me - my heart was full and my mind was clear. Now before you say it - "Isn't that the way your brain is always Grace?" The answer is NO!!! It is most of the time filled with crude that sucks aways those great thoughts, those creative thoughts and even a few times a year those intelligent thoughts.

So I went and got the camera and thought I would share the view that fills me, the mountain that is a part of my world and how quickly you can be inspired if you only pick a different route for the day.

What inspired you today???


Susan said...

Certainly a different view (rolling hills of dark green, dotted with orange and red maples) but the crisp air and sort of ionized atmosphere sure put a bounce in my shuffling steps this morning. Fall is my favorite season.

larkspur funny farm said...

Your view sounds wonderful Susan and I know that your steps are full of love and appreciation for the gifts around you - enjoy the crisp air and enjoy. Thanks for sharing with me.

Candy C. said...

What a beautiful view of the mountain! I didn't feel very inspired today but I DID get a lot done! LOL!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks a great thing Candy - sometimes the inspiration is to just keep our head down, mind focused and get done what is in front of us. You inspired me to keep going...