Saturday, September 17, 2011

Urban Violet

As the saying goes "When Life Gives You Lemons We Can Make Lemonade or THROW Those Lemons At The Person Who Screwed Up"

I sent some of my great Alpaca Boy Fiber to a mill who was just starting out and I spent a great deal of time with them and even wrote everything down so there was no mistakes. I have been doing this for so long with mills that I thought life was grand and everyone was on the same page. Well, NOT for these gals!!! I tried not rip some one's head off when the yarn arrived back to the farm and instead of a sport weight it is very thin lace weight... Yes, I did require a refund and then had to wait a bit before I could even touching it without becoming hopping mad...

After I gathered myself and gave myself a long break from the disappointment I went to work. I started to dye a third of the yarn into a great Soft Violet and then plied the three together for a sport weight which is much more workable for my customers. It is buttery soft, has great drape and will be next to the skin soft for any project you have in mind.

So what was a disappointment is now a yarn I love and I think you will too!!


Tribal Horse Designs said...

it turned out beautiful :) You are just so creative with your yarn!

larkspur funny farm said...

Many thanks but I owe it all to the sweet alpaca boys who started it all off with incredible fibers.