Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Not Sure How To Label This Day

Not even sure where to begin..

Woke up to my gut telling me I really need to make my trip into town today because much was riding on it.  Ran around like a chicken getting everyone done so I could make it off the farm before the ground turned to mush.  I was just doing that when my single Antelope ran out in front of the truck and I ended up in a snow drift.  After shoveling myself out and thinking maybe I should stay home I thought NOPE I really need to get this all done before the rain comes and I will never get out.

Got to town and went into the store.. Managed to make this lady cry who was handing out coupons for Easter Candy.  All I said was I do not eat the chemically constructed over packaged fake products.  Now before you get all mad at me - it is the truth. Yes, I could have just said NO THANK YOU and left it but my mouth opened and out came those words.  The reason she cried was in her words "I so agree and I hate my job".  As I tried to explain she cried more and more.  Finally I got at the root of the issue and this kind soul only wanted to rescue horses and live in nature but she had no idea how or even if she was worthy.  I gave her my card and told her I would gladly share the names of folks I knew who would help her on her way.  We hugged and I thought my day was going great.  See there was a reason to be off the farm.

I left after getting my dog lead and a few milk products, squash and frozen puff pastry.  When I got to the feed store I had to deal with this lady that for the past 5 years  still does not know what they sell or how to run the cash register.  I kept my mouth shout and just wanted to get home.  As they where loading the hay and dog food into the truck bed we heard my tire hissing a bit.  So we used that air in a can and off I went. I said to myself - I will get home, unload, check on Jasper and head west bound to the tire store.  As I was driving the worst bumpy roads in the county I heard this horrible sound.  I thought at first it was the radio but then my truck was swerving and almost went into the ditch.  I slowed the truck down and away from the soft ditch.  Got out and my right front tire exploded... I wont write what I said or should I say screamed but I think I scared the livestock.

As I tried to gather myself - Yes I was freaking.  Truck after truck went by with men not even stopping.  The two houses out there all had many dogs who did not want me.  Finally a telephone company truck stopped and I called a tow truck. This is also not the time to say - "See if you had a cell phone"  This guy only got a signal because he had a satellite phone.  .As I was waiting a kind gentlemen and his daughter pulled up.  He helped me move all the hay to get to the tire and then we found out the spare was flat.  How could that be???  Just my world for today.  Just then he said would I mind if he drove all the way back to town and fill it up and come back..  What an angel.  The daughter was out for driving lessons so she was thrilled that this meant more driving.  Of they went.  Fast forward - tow truck came and no tire to change - he stood and kept me company until the tire returned.  During that time he told me how much he wished he was living his dream - he wants to raise organic food and hens but his family thinks he is nuts.  So You Guessed It - Gave him a card because I have a friend looking for someone to partner with - he has been doing organic farming for years but can't do it by himself any more.  Then the angels showed up with the tire - they changed it and thanking everyone I got the address of the sweet little gal to send her a gift for giving up her time for me. 

As I drove home trying to keep myself together I got home to find the farm was mush.  So I had to drop the hay in the drive and with trolley drag each bale to the barns.  Let me tell you that is dragging 100 pounds of concrete thru three inches of mud that is a block long and do that 16 times while including four 50 pound bags of feed on my shoulders that same distance because the ground was now such a mess I could not even get the wheel barrel to go through the slog...  By that time Jasper had managed to wedge himself between two large drums while I was gone and set his recovery back big time...  Sometimes I just wonder if the universe wants to see if I drop to my knees..

So what have we learned today ???  That I am thrilled this day is over.  That it is a crime that so many people are not dong what they are meant to do and they don't know they could.  That I am lucky in so many ways and on the other hand I truly could use some easy days with some extra support.  Oh and so many other things but this gal just HAS to try for a bit of sleep before I need to go out to check on Jasper.  I sure hope your day was better then mine. 


Ngo Family Farm said...

A tough day for you, but just look at how many people you touched while out in the world. You are an angel. xo

Tombstone Livestock said...

Oh Grace it sounds like if it wasn't for bad luck you would have no luck at all. Hope things start going better and Jaspar improves.

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks ladies - glad that day is over and moving on. Jasper is a little slow today but after what happened I am thankful for him just being here.