Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Desert Walkabout Batts - SOLD

There is a great place in Colorado that as a child I loved to "Walkabout"...  I have done my best to capture the memory in fiber. 

You will have "Red Rock Terracotta" dyed Alpaca from one of my sweet boys Smokey.  Smokey had an amazing Tri Colored Rose Gray Fleece that I love over dyeing on.  Then I have shaded "Coral" silk .  I also included in these batts my Tri Colored Spaced Dyed Desert Sagebrush and Pine Mohair from "Sugar" my loving Angora Boy.  Last but not least is Hand Painted "Meadows" Wensleydale Lambs Wool.  Card this all together in chuncks of colos and you have my "Desert Walkabout"///

You will get 3 batts totaling 2 1/8 ounces or 60 grams for $7.00 plus exact shipping.  Just give me your zip and Paypal Addy and an invoice goes right out.  Shipping is next day because they are excited to find a new adventure at your house.

These are going to a very loving and talented lady who will be creating magic with them.  MANY THANKS Michelle

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