Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wee One Has A Name

I waited until she finally told me her name.  I guess she exactly did not tell me but passed it on to one of my loving Goat Mom's first.  I tried so many on last night as I sat with her sleeping in my lap but nothing was right.  Then this afternoon when I went out to make sure she ate the name was given..  As I walked through the big metal doors Maggie (one of my sweet old goat mothers) called out and I swear I heard  "Wilhelmina"    Now before you call the guys with the butterfly net - I am sure many of you have had the experience of hearing a word, a song or someone seem to show up with the answer right when you need it - so don't call me nuts...

The moment I repeated the name back the Wee One jumped up from a sound sleep and ran towards me with her sweet tiny tail wagging so fast.. So I did the test.  While in the pen - I would let her settle and call a different name and nothing but every time I called "Wilhelmina" she jumped and played and ran towards me - Good Enough for Me.

I thanked Maggie for telling me her name.  Side note Maggie has sat on the other side of the metal panels since the Wee One - Oh Yeah - Wilhelmina has been born so I guess Maggie knows best and must have shared small conversations with Wilhelmina when I was not there..

So Welcome WILHELMINA to the world


Jocelyn said...

One of my Alpine girls picked her name as well. She didn't have one, and I was having so much trouble finding a name for her. Then out of the blue, totally thinking of something else, I looked at her and said "Hi, Minerva", and that is her name. She picked it, no doubt.

So you're not crazy. It's happened to me as well. :)

caprejan said...

Grace I love you, you make my day with your wonderful life and stories. Welcome little Wilheminax

margery meyers haber said...

I love this story, Grace! She is destined for greatness, for sure.