Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tip Toe Through The Snow Drifts

The horrid winds slowed around 2 am and it was not till the dawn of light could I really get a clear picture of what was going to be on my plate today.  The first picture is what I had to climb through to get to the girls barn and check on them several times during the howling night.  The drift is up to my chest and on the other side is the same.

In the second picture is of Llama Boy next to the kitchen deck.  After I let him out of the smaller barn and fed all those on the north side of the farm he walked back with me to see how we were going to navigate today.  What you can't see too well is the snow bank that is as tall as myself. and runs the length times two of the house.  What is interesting about this types of snow blizzard is I have ice polished dirt and then 5 foot high snow mountains.  In some parts I just have to skirt around the bare spots to get half way to where I am going and then I have to climb over or shovel out a way to get to animals. 

Going to where Sophia is was interesting - huge sheets of ice with three huge mountains of snow.   The hard part that I still have not finished is digging out her house.  Seems that around 3 am the wind shift took three feet of snow directly into her house...  So the clever gal dug herself a snow cave (Pry's love that) and waited till food and water was brought to her in the wee morning hours.  Great Pry's live for snow and cold but I really wished they would not do it in a blizzard.  Chief  (the Pry who guards the goat girls) was behind closed doors in the big barn at 10 pm but within na hour he dug out under the door and I found him in the snow cave he dug outside for himself.  They never want to stop working and even in the worst of conditions they work - even when we all know bad beasties are not on the prowl during a blizzard but tell them that...

So today with all the in and out I had last night I will try to get a nap in and deal with what I need to do for the care of the animals and let other things sit for the day.  Hope all who had to deal with this storm came out the otherside safe and sound. 

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