Monday, March 11, 2013

Batts during the Blizzard - SOLD

Needed something to do during the blizzard so I created "Easter Parade"  There are six sweet Pixie Batts that total 4 ounces and will be yours for $20.00 plus shipping.  The fibers in these batts are Blue Bonnett Blue from the wool of my sweet Peppermint Corriedale, Rich Lilac Purple from my regalLlama Roasebud, Lemon/Lime French Angora Bunny Fluff from our Rick and Sunny Yellow Silk.  It is rough carded to aid in making an amazing art yarn...  If you wish these just leave a comment or email me.  .

Remeber Spring is just around the corner even if all I can sese is White and Mud.... Enjoy 

Oh Boy that was fast - before I could finish this entry it sold.   It will be hopping out the door....  Many Thanks

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