Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mom you forgot something - CONTEST TIME

Llama Boy is right - We have two sets of twins without names. Esmaralda's girl and boy and Rebecca's girl and boy. Born on the same day and this tired, bruised old gal just has not had the brain cells to come up with names.....

Sound's like a contest to me Llama Boy - so here are the rules:

1. When responding you need to let me know for which set of twins you are giving the names for.

2. If you have a reason for picking the names (ie., story, favorite lost friend, or whatever)just please do not make it too hard to say. This old gal has too many kids to call in the pasture.

3. Be creative but not too weird - just becaue our name is Larkspur Funny Farm does not mean I wish to scare the little sweet one's with a horrible name.

4. You can enter as many times as you would like - the more the better chance of you winning a prize. I promise I will have great prizes.

5. When leaving your enteries please let me know how I can contact you - promise I do not sell names and such - not that computer savy.

So let's have some fun and help me name these sweet one's. Thanks and good luck!


monica said...

Grace, My pick for Rebecca's twins would be Lily and Lucas! I love the name Lily and Lucas just seems to fit with it! Lily means pure and I thought it fit because she's white and I didn't know it but Lucas means bright white! I will have to think some more for Esmerelda's little ones!

NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

For Rebecca's I would pick Hannah and Harry and for Esmerelda's I would pick Bridget and Seamus (pronouced shamush with a long a sound- but you probably already knew that!)

Good luck! They are adorable.

dawn224 said...

Esmerelda's I would have to call Black and Blue. Yes, I know it's not what colors they are - but that's what color you were :)

You can find me at etsy (comfedoutkaiser)

Celeste said...

Hi Grace! I found where to enter the contest. Here are our entries. From my 12 yr old daughter Rachel for Rebecca's:

Snowfire (boy)Snowball (girl)

Tinkerbell (girl)Captain Jack (boy)

Gandolph the White (boy) Eowyn (girl)

And for Esmerelda's:

Rose (girl)Bramble (boy)

Lily (girl)Jaspen (boy)

And mine are...for Rebecca:

Percy (boy) Precious (girl)
(names I came up with for our rooster and chicken, but you can borrow them if you like them. LOL)

Opal (girl) and Jack Frost (boy)

Willy (boy) 'Nilly (short for vanilla - girl)

Crystal (girl) Tazz (boy)

For Esmerelda:

Ivory (girl) and Randall (boy)

Pearl (girl) and Peanut (boy)

Blanche (girl) and Bogie (boy)

Chantilly (girl) and Oliver (boy)

If we think of more we'll add them. Have fun choosing!!

monica said...

Okay, for Esmaralda's twins I would say Hannah and Levi!

Allie said...

I poked around with some research, and (as I'm sure you already knew, seeing as this is What You Do), learned that Angora goats are originally Turkish and Cashmere goats are originally from Kashmir - so I ran with that and pulled some names from the countries around the Kashmir region, namely India and China. I didn't really pair most of them - they're pretty much matchable any which way, I think!

India (girls):

Amala (clean, pure)
Asha (hope)
Bala (young, m/f)
Indira (beauty)
Kala (art form/virtue)
Shanta (pacified, calm)
Sitara (star)


Dhaval (dazzling white)
Naveen (new)
Niraj (illuminate)
Roshan (bright)

paired: Lila (girl: play, amusement)/Lalit (playful, charming)


Bai (f: white/pure)/Bao (m: treasure, precious)
Jing (f: clear)/Ming (m: shining, bright, clear)

I also found a couple of Turkish names, but only for girls, really: Canan (beloved), and Tulay (tulle moon). Thanks for the opportunity to let us help name the little ones!

essiewb said...

For Esmerelda's twins, I think names that honor you in your nursing role would be appropriate: Clara (for Clara Barton) and Dix for the boy (for Dorothea Dix).

monica said...

I have a few more ideas for names! Mary and Micky(with a short i) for Rebecca and Margaret and Francis for Esmaralda.