Saturday, January 17, 2009

A couple of bumpy days

It is no secret that Esmaralda is not my favorite goat - she has always been very hard on the other goats, rude to me but always a great mother to her kids. Monday was a very hard day with her. It all started during chore time - I always feed the mothers who are in pens with little one's first. I then move on to the mothers who are in the main part of the barn. Esmaralda knows this routine but has never agreed with it. While feeding the mothers she decided to explain to me that she was not wishing to wait - she did that by coming from behind and smashing me into the large metal panels. My ribs, shoulder and hand hit with such a force that it knocked the wind out of me and dropped me to my knees. After catching my breath I managed to grab her and take her to an empty pen. As I almost had her in it she tried to charge again and this time Mishka tried to protect me by running inbetween us - I quickly grabbed Mishka and in doing so go hit again. Now I was mad but also in alot of pain. I tied up the pen and finished my chores. I sat in the barn for about a half hour before heading back into the house. That night the two hour checks where very hard - to take a breath was like a thousand knives. I sat in the barn and listened with my stethoscope to make sure everything sounded O.K. Needless to say Esmaralda was on my S**t List.

Two days pasted and I went to the barn early that morning for chores. Same rountine of which Esmaralda was still complaining. Something about her made me decided to stay in the barn - maybe it was because I still hurt so much that staying was better then walking back. Hours passed and I could see she was in labor. Esmaralda is a quite and fast delivery in past years so when it started to drag on I began to get concerned. Then she screaming and rolling on the ground - this is not typical so I got the vet kit, towels and swallowed my pain. I could see three front feet peaking out - again not good. I put the gloves on and told her that no matter what happened a couple of days ago I was here to help and she needed to let me. I think she understood because I came into the pen, pulled her tail up and pushed gently the head and three front leggs back inside of her. I then had to slide my hand in farther to push the second baby back to let the first present. With one contraction I craddled the babies head between my hands and pulled. Out came the first kid - a pure white girl and Esmaralda started to lick the little one. Before she could even clean it's face the second one was well on it's way out. Several pushs later and out came another pure white kid. This time it is a boy. Since Esmaralda has had twins before I stepped out of the pen, tied the pen and sat down to watch. As I said she is a great Mom and those kids where up and nursing in less then twenty minutes. They are strong, playful and large. Even thou we may have our differences (black and blue ribs to prove it) Esmaralda knows that I would move heaven and earth to assist - now if I can only get myself off the ground I might go back into the house.

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