Saturday, January 3, 2009

I thought I had PICTURES

It is been a couple of weeks since I last posted and boy have I been running on roller skates! The weather here in Colorado just has not made up it's mind. We have gone from -12 degrees to 58 degrees and Friday and now we have 28 degrees and snow. Go figure. Hard to keep everyone happy and health with these temps.

Next, my goat girls decided that December would be a great time to have babies, that's right we have BABIES! Since the cold is not a friend to my very old floppy disk camera I do not have pictures. Yes, you read that right FLOPPY DISK!!! No laughing I just finally got the hang of this monster.....

So we have nine babies so far and they are just the sweetest babies on this whole planet - really they are. We have three sets of twins - each set has a boy and a girl. Nice of them to do that. Then we have three singles all boys. There are still three mom's still cooking those little one's so still more to come. Once, I can get the camera working I promise pictures.

That brings me to the next adventure. I had my two sons (Nick and Conrad) along with Nick's fiancee Brooke over for the holidays. We had a wonderful time and they took incredible photo's of the kids. Brooke was so kind as to burn them on CD but my computer refuses to let the blog post them. I have pulled my hair out trying to get them here so we are just going to have to wait for me to bring those floppy disks into the barn and snap away.

I will be back shortly, going back out to check on the expecting girls and to put up the chickens because the temp has dropped another 10 degrees. Back soon!


Wendy said...

Oh how fun. Do you have a Flickr account? Because that's how I add pictures to my blog... upload them to Flickr and then copy in some code to the post. You don't have to use up your bandwidth or anything.

Unless it's uploading in general that your computer won't do, in which case it won't make a difference. Flickr's still cool, though.

Brandon Meath Football said...

Hi Grace- I have your pussywillow yarn that I made into a necklace and have had so many kind comments about the yarn. Had to share you with some co- workers so I expect they will be dropping by here to see what all you are doing. Sent them to Etsy as well. Are you doing anymore of the pussywillow skeins? Still have the goat you wove for me. He is still so regal sitting by my windowsill watching the cold wind blow.