Saturday, January 17, 2009

Llama Boy

Standing guard over the farm on the highest hill is Llama Boy - and he may look kind but over the past five months he has become my most protective pal around - he is truely my shadow. I am amazed how he has determined that he will watch over us all - the chickens even get his services. The other day when a hawk was circling overhead I saw Llama Boy run full speed toward the chicken coop to gather up the hens and run them into their house. He stood in front of the door as to say to the hawk "Not on my watch". The hens at first did not welcome his presence but now they love when he takes them out for a morning stroll around the farm - as the girls peck away at the frozen ground he nibbles on the buffalo grass. Once their tummies are full you can find them all basking in the sun next to the coop. During the night you will find him like the night watchmen making his rounds which includes several circles around the coop. He even peaks thru the windows making sure they are tucked in safe and sound. Such a proud and kind protector but I warn those who come without invitation - make sure you can run FAST! His brutal kicks and his razor sharp fighting teeth are no match for two or four legged uninvited visitors.