Saturday, January 17, 2009

December 17th is a busy day - another set!

Remember how I thought I was going back to the house, well I could not get this battered body off the ground so I just sat in the dirt awaiting the strenth needed to get back. Lucky that I did, because right after Esmaralda delivered Rebecca started into labor. She was stressed from all of Esmaralda's drama and was pacing back and forth for several hours. Then started the pawing and up/down they get into right before delivery. However, she did not seem to be progressing so again I watched. As I sat in the cold barn I wondered how many babies have I seen born in this barn? Enought to know we where in for a bumpy ride. Rebecca was looking at me with that panic in her eyes. Just then I got to my feet and grabbed the vet kit - out popps a baby and right after that another. Normally this means they are dead. I ran in with towels and kit and picked up the first one to wipe down. I cleared his throat and he took a breath. I gently placed him under the heat lamp and repeated the same procedure with the little girl. She was moving but no sounds. I sat her down and stepped back to let Rebecca take over. She went to work quickly and with such purpose. The whole time she was softly talking to them - slow to get a response she pawed at them - it always makes me shutter when they do that but it works. Up pops the little girl and lets out a cry. Then little boy was up and crying also, not sure on their feet but up... Down on the ground I sat again trying to catch my own breath - by the time I could it was 4:00 pm and time to start chores all over again.

Tonight I am taking a very hot, long bath and having a very stiff drink.... I earn my keep today..


Bonne said...

Cinderella & Prince Valiant(esmarelda's)
Billy & Beatrice(Rebecca's)

those are courtesy of my hubs~lol

hugs, Bonne (

Zan Asha said...

Ooooh, they are soo cute!