Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twins - we have Twins

On December 12th at 3:00 pm came the first baby - a creamy white with hints of red - a little girl. She was good sized and sound. Maggie who screams the most out of all the goats had just about broken our ear drums but she went right to work on cleaning the girl. Five minutes into the cleaning she started screaming again. Another baby on the way. The girl was left in the straw to fend for herself. At 3:15 out comes the next baby - a pure black boy with a single white band around is right front foot. Maggie has never had twins before so I was very concerned that she would panic and forget to take care of one. The little girl would not be left behind - she struggled to get back to mom and get the rest of her cleaning. Around and around Maggie went trying to figure out what to do - finally I stepped in and wiped them down a bit and placed them side by side. Maggie got the idea and started in on getting them nursing. The little girl was not acting right - I watched and watched hoping Maggie would not decide to only take care of the one who looked like her - the black boy. With every hour that ticked by my insides became knotted. Then something fantastic happened, the little boy eeked his way to his sister and pushed her at Maggie. He did that again and again until she finally nursed. For the next six days I saw the little girls eyesight become an issue - she would walk around the pen with her eyes completely shut. I could not tell if she was going blind or what - I ran eye drops over each eye three time a day, put ointment in them, check them with lights, you name it. I also treated them herbally and I said prayers over them daily. When I would watch her move around the pen with assurance I hoped for the best but was aware of the worst. One morning her name came to me - Murtel because her face looked like a turtle. Those squinted eyes and that turned up smile - yep, Murtel my sweet turtle. Brothers name just followed, as he walks next to her side always making sure she nurses and sleeps - he reminded me of a cute little old man walking next to a dear family member - Marvin is his name. I am so happy to report that Murtel's eyes are all perfect now and the two of them are still next to each other round the clock - What a pair. Maggie loves both of her kids and is doing fantastic at caring for them.

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