Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday is never a day of rest at the Funny Farm

It is 2:15 pm and very cold today but Eva has decided this is the day. She is also a 2007 girl and very small in size. Eva was a twin but I knew she was carring a single. After a normal progression in her delivery out came a pure white kid. She was nervous during the delivery so she backed her butt into the corner of her pen so I could not see her privates - shy and private is Eva's middle names. She would not move so I could get a close look - I gave her all the space she needed. After about twenty minutes I figured enough was enough, she needed to start cleaning the little thing and get him up. I went into the pen and she leaped to her feet. There in the corner the little guy had managed to get his head caught in the pipe along the barn. I took him out and placed him back in the straw. Eva went to work on cleaning him and he kept crawling along the straw on his knees to reach the corner of the pen. Back he placed his head into the wall and pipe. Back in I went again and moved him. This happened two more times when I finally said "My God you sure aren't an Einstein are you"? Perfect name again. Einstein it is - who knows it might just help you strive for some brains??? Believe me, for the next four days I can not remember how many times I had to get him out from the wall and then be began the task of getting caught between the panels. Really - no Einstein here!!

Well I am happy to report his brain cells are all firing now and he now shows all the kids how to get out of pens, out of fences and into the feed room. I guess that name has served him well. That's my boy - Einstein

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monica said...

Grace, I am so excited to finally see pictures! All of the babies are just adorable! I showed the pictures to the girls and they want to get one! They also keep asking to get a puppy and I keep telling them to talk to their dad!