Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twelve days later - Kate is delivering

On December 12th at 9:20 am Kate (which is Eboney's baby from last year) gave birth to a tiny little guy. I had hoped that none of the 2007 girls had been bred because I do not believe in breeding till they are at least two years of age, but the best plans around here do not always work. Kate however was a real trooper, very little drama, hardly a peep from her during the delivery and out came this pure white little guy. She went right to work on cleaning him but I was hearing a slight rattle to his lungs. It looks horrible but very effective, you pick up the little one by the back legs and just as with a human baby you wack them on the back to get all the fluids out. I watched him for the next couple of hours and still was hearing some rattling. When the little guy cried for his mommy he sounded like a Kazoo - WOW what a great name - Kazoo!! What is also so funny about him is when he looks at you and talks he holds his left ear down and his right ear up. Such a silly little one but what a snuggler. Since I had to pick him up so many time to listen to his lungs he became very friendly to human touch. Normally I do not handle them much - I want them to bond with their mothers but when there are medical issues then all bets are off. Kazoo also has fuzzy chops and loves to have them stroked. Heck who wouldn't?? Kate's Kazoo plays all the right tunes to my heart song...

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