Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Flashes and - 32 Below Zero

Last night we reached - 32 below zero with the wind chill - THAT IS COLD With all the layers I had on it still was bitter cold - made you walk very quickly to get to the barn. This time I had a bit of a surprise - HOT FLASHES!!
This was a good thing I thought - nice and toasty but wait I was overheating and did not dare take off any layers...

Back and forth from barn to house - on and off the layers went - and these night sweats (all be it I was wide awake tending my goat girls) where making me dripping wet. Now no where in any of the books I have seen this topic being brought up. What in the world are we to do when we want to rip our clothes off but it is -32 below??? Can you imagine how hard it is to peel off long johns when they are glued to your skin. I went thru three pairs last night just doing the checks. Since I do not have a dryer they where hung all around to dry. I know too much information but really I am sure that this is not a new thing for us farmgals..

So here is my question - What is a gal to do - I do not wish to ever take chemicals for this so any suggestions..


stregata said...

Oh my - that is cold! VERY COLD. Make sure you stay warm even in between flashes.

Linda M said...

:) Been there..Be careful you don 't get pneumonia !
Soy milk has done wonders for my hotflashes (almost none) I like silk's very,very vanilla flavor. I am not a milk drinker but this is good.
Unfortunately does help the chores around tyhe farm!!:)