Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Clucking Friday Already

Another Friday has jumped out at me again - where is time going???
The gentle flow of this farm can get a person lost in their own heads, hearts and hands. With each morning after doing the chores the hens walk back with me to the shop door say their morning well wishes and head to the front bed to pick up what the wild birds have dumped while picking at the swinging bird feeders. Then they hunt for the pinon nuts that have dropped to the ground during our late night winds. Once they have had their fill they stroll back to the hen house to clean their feathers and rest in the deep bedding. Once I am back for afternoon chores they race out of their house and tell me all the daily gossip as they wait for their evening treats. Friday is Popcorn Day and they sure LOVE their popcorn.

This pattern is repeated each day but I must admit to me I am never bored with this flow. I do sometimes forget which day it is but does it really matter. I try to live in the moment and not get caught up in too many steps ahead.

Folks spend tons of money on books, lectures, CD's, DVD's to learn the ways of "Living Simple" - save your money - follow a chicken for a week - you will learn all the life lessons you will need to know.



PenCraft said...

I think a person has to have chickens for a while to understand what wonderful animals they are. They have such a sensibility about them. I agree with your sentiment, follow a chicken for a week!

Georgianne said...

I very much want to come visit your chickens. I've already read the books, been to the lectures, and watched the DVDs. I'm ready for clucking Friday!

Anonymous said...

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