Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Males are such BABIES!!

Here at the farm I have many, many boys, I have even raised two male children into grown men but I must say they are all big babies.. My four legged boys whine about the cold, they whine about how much they get to eat, they whine if someone gets a kiss before them but my biggest baby is my 158 lb Great Pry dog - Chief. He is one of those dogs who talks and I mean TALKS! He is always whining for more hugs, first kisses, first food and all the attention, all the time...

Well, he got all the attention this weekend. When I went out for the morning chores I could not see Chief. I called - NO Chief. I freaked and ran towards the barn (which is not easy task with my heavy snow boots) to find him under a heat lamp in the barn. He would not get up as I walked towards him - finally he stood but only on three legs. As I got closer he started his whining voice. This time however there was pain in that whining and he was limping.. This huge baby would not let me touch his leg and I could tell he was not just being a baby, he was really hurt. After getting him quite and laying down I quickly ran to get everyone feed and then ran back to him. He had not moved an inch while I was gone. As I grab the vet kit I started praying that this would be something I could handle because I was thinking to myself "How in the world was I going to get this big guy across the farm, into the truck and to a vet". Last time we went to the vet clinic it was a three person task and that was when he was only a year old. Since then all of his care has been done here.
So I sat with him calmly speaking to him, stroking his back, face and rubbing his ears, he finally let me touch his leg. After getting a better feel of that leg I found he had a huge lump but luckly it was not hot to the touch, that would mean an infection and some type of tumor. I also could not feel a break so I wrapped the leg with a zip lock baggie of peas and my trusty Vet Wrap. From what I could gather one of the goat girls had stepped on his leg. Chief does have a habit of taking up space that the goat girls think is theirs. Also, now so close to their delivery dates these girls have no patience with anyone.

Now my big whinning boy was still crying up a storm, which meant this soft hearted tuff farmgal would spend most of her day in the barn. Since I never can just sit I went to work on moving almost a ton of hay into the barn so I would be ready for the next storm coming on Wednesday. Typical guy, while I worked he napped.. At least he was not whining...

I spent most of the night in the barn Saturday and again almost the whole day and night on Sunday so my big guy would not work so hard. He knew if I was there he could rest. Also, I have several of the goat girls getting ready to have their little ones so where else would I be. Heck sleeping on a hay stack that I brought in was just fine with me.

Great News, Chief by Monday afternoon was just limping a bit and this morning I caught him chasing a bunny which found it's way into the wrong pasture... Now before I end this I must tell you that this big baby still greats me whinning and talking up a storm but aleast it is on all four. Now about my back after moving all the hay and spending the night in a cold barn - let me tell you - WAIT THAT IS WHINNING !!! I AM A STRONG WOMEN....not a whining male

For all those males out there - MAN UP! Us WOMEN DO IT EVERYDAY


stregata said...

Glad to hear your big baby is better!

scifichick said...

I am glad your boy is feeling better! Men are such cry babies... And usually the more minor the problem, the more they whine. A guy with a cold is a small nightmare :)