Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday with my Daugther In Law

What a fun day Sunday was - my daughter in law Brooke came out to the farm. This was the first visit without my son Nick who was busy out of town. She was so kind to drive all the way out to assist me in getting some yarn bundles done and also to put the finishing touches on the bookmarks that go out with each Etsy order. As I said in my last post with all the wind and still going out every two hours to check on goats who refuse to give birth I have been a bit behind in my shop work. The help was very appreciated.

I made breakfast and Brooke made a whole wheat pizza with ham and pineapple for our late lunch/early dinner... Good eats, productive work and more talking then I do in a month. I hope she enjoyed the time - I sure did. With the baby coming in a couple of months life will change for everyone - it still is alot for me to take in. First that my son is married, then that he will soon be a father and lastly that someone in this world will call me grandma... All of my grandkids have fur and four legs.

Hope you all had a great weekend too - love to hear what you did???

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