Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today was a PERFECT Day

I wished everyone could have the Perfect Day like I had today!!

First, it did not take seven layers to get out the door this morning to do chores...
Second, the sun was in full glory. The kind of sun that makes you lift your face towards it and smile.
Third, I was able to spend hours out with the girls scratching big round tummies, hugging and snugging with them outside while we soaked up the sun. They where even lifting their heads to the sky and giving thanks for this perfect day. Cheif was right in the middle of every thing getting tons of attention and licking their faces. I also had Kasha kicking up her heels while rubbing her winter coat on every pine tree she walked by.
Lastly, I spent many hours in front of my electric Patrick Green Carding Machine. I know to some that might sound like work but for me it is pure joy... I took some of the Yearling Mohair Ringlets that I had dyed months before and blended it with some Wynsledale Long Lockets that I had sitting in my workshop now for sometime. The sounds of the machine as the teeth passed over the fiber is like a heartbeat to me. I get lost in the process.

Now the cherry on top would have been a baby or two showing themselves but all in all I will still consider this a PERFECT day..... If today was my last day on the planet I can truely say - Thank You

I would love to hear what was your Perfect Day!!! Please Share

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Joanne in Alaska said...

Happy new year Grace!