Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying to find Center

I have started and deleted my postings for awhile now because anything I had to say about my life, the farm or my sweet animals seemed so small in the light of the horrible losses that have been shown to us all. Then I read a letter I wrote to myself the day I got married. I told myself that none of us are given tomorrow, none of us can know how long anything will last - so "LIVE EACH DAY AS IF IT WAS YOUR LAST" because who knows it just might be... This does not mean we do not plan for the future but rather we give our all today. We do not wait to tell someone we love them because they might not be there when it is on our timetable. We give 110% to all we do and do not waste time of those things that do not matter.

It is hard for most folks to LIVE in the PRESENT MOMENT but when we see such pain it should remind us to celebrate every minute we are alive because nothing is for sure. So I hope you will forgive me for my taking some time out to be still, give thanks and send prayers.

I count you all in my blessings for making my life fuller and for letting me share my bits and pieces with you - you add so much to my present moments and I hope I give back some to your present moments too...


Country Suds Gal said...

Grace, I'[d love to interview you for Small Town Living. Shoot me an email countrysudsgal@yahoo.com. BTW I am still loving my little handmade goat I got from you a few years ago.


monica said...

Grace, you add more to my present moments than I can ever begin to tell you! You are such an incredible blessing to me and I truly cherish our friendship! Sorry to get so sappy!!:)