Saturday, January 2, 2010

Party Like it is 2010

Trust you all have clear heads by now and that the streamers our picked up and the bottles are put in the recycling bin!!

The Funny Farm was party central. The goats and I had a wild time. Homemade crackers and pate' with a stiff Gin and Tonic. After a day of hard outside work I made myself a very hot bath with my son's bath salts (He makes the best Victorian Rose Bath Salt) and soft candles flickering as I tried to get this soar body to relax. That was followed by two hour checks all night long in the bitter cold barn to see if any New Years goat babies would make their grand enterance. NO LUCK!

I told you we are Party Animals... Gone are the days of bar hopping, party crawling and large hang overs - to be honest those where not my idea of a fun time. Now I admit some who think my evening dull but with each trek out to the barn there came a tingle over me like kids on Christmas morning. As I walk into the barn my heart beats faster just thinking their might be a new soul waiting for me. Some would say aren't you disappointed when there is no baby?? NO, because I know they are coming and half the fun is the waiting... I do get the great joy of hugging and comforting they expecting mothers, which is well worth the cold walk. Besides, no hang over in the morning just rosey checks and cold toes...

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