Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Waiting to Exhale

Around here you sometimes find yourself holding your breath and not even realizing it. I find also my teeth grinding and jaw clinched until I almost can not open my mouth. It happens not when there is an emergency at hand but when you are caught in the daily work that seems to have the whole farm on edge. I am not a person who likes wind and around here when it get going my insides seems to just go wild. Some say it is because I am a Fire Sign (Aries) other say it is because the it is a primal hardwiring that makes you on edge. I am not the only one - all the animals during these winds are on edge too. Fights break out amongst those who are best buds, the hens go after each other like spoiled school girls. Even my sweet tempered dogs get a wild hair up their rear ends. Needless to say this old girls gray cells seem to turn to mush, I can't sleep either which does not help. So for the past five days it has been tense here but the weather man says the winds are to die down and maybe then this Funny Farm can return to Normal - at least Normal for us..

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