Monday, July 26, 2010

Beat the Heat - Smart Hen

I am not the only one who hates the heat. My sweet old white hens have the best way to keep cool - They dig in the deep mulch in the front bed under the wide Pinon Pine Tree. Once they have scratched out the perfect hole they tuck their sleek bodies in and then close their eyes. You can hear them softly chattering away to each other but not giving too much energy to the task. I wonder what they are talking about, what tales, secrets or gossip they might be sharing while keeping themselves cool. Once the sun lowers itself behind the mountain horizon they will come strolling out and back to their coop where fresh cool water awaits along with evening treats (watermelon rind is on the menu tonight). Their fan will be moving the sweet evening air and their night light flickers with moths dancing in front of the bulb. Not a bad life for these old gals - too bad I do not fit under the tree or I would be with them - sharing the damp mulch and tell tales of adventures on the Funny Farm.

How do you beat the heat???

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