Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures

There is a whole new trend on "Living the Simple Life" We are having to teach folks through books, instructional DVD'S, seminars, TV talk shows, radio broadcasts and social networks what is means to "Simplify"

What is so hard about being Simple??? Have we really gotten so screwed up that we do not understand how to unplug from all the techno crap, sit down with family, friends or just yourself. Can we not make a simple meal and enjoy the fact that someone took the time, money and hard work to grow and raise the items we are eating. REALLY - do we have to have this explained to us?

I admit I am the strange one who does not have a cell phone,that I am just now trying to understand the workings of Face Book, does not have a cable hook up and yes my TV had to have a converter box to get just the basic worthless TV stations. I still listen to some of my favorite tunes on CD's - no, I do not have 8 track - I am not that bad!!! I am just wondering if all those techno gadgets are the reason why we have lost touch with all those things that now folks are trying to get back?? Just wondering!!Not Judging - Just Wondering!

Last night this simple gal had the best night ever!!! At 8:45 pm I heated up the last of the homemade peach cobbler and drizzled a bit of cream on it. Made a cold glass of ice tea with ice cubes (Yep, I rarely make ice cubes - takes up space in the freezer for more important things like food). Fluffed up the pillows on the couch and turned on the TV to PBS. As I sat in the dark waiting for "Murder on the Orient Express" with my favorite detective Hercule Poirot (Played by David Suchet) my body began to tingle... You heard me right - I felt like those folks who sat around the radio listening to every word as their weekly stories unfolded before them - such excitement, such simplicity..

As the story began, one that I have read, watched and know by heart I still felt my heart beat faster. With each nipple on the cobbler my mind was replaying each event in the story, each facial expression - the wonderful accents and clothing.. As the minutes ticked by I was transformed into the story - mind, body and sole. The cares of my daily life slipped away, the aches and pains of heavy farm work did not register for one moment and yet I could hear the sounds of my farm four legged family members outside talking amongst themselves as the evening grew darker. This is the life I thought. How could you teach this to someone??? Why would they have to be taught??

I understand it is easy to say these things as I sit far away from the street lights. I have the bright star lights. Instead of hearing ambulance sounds I hear owls hooting on top of my barn. Not having to be concerned that all my doors and windows are open to catch the sweet evening breeze which I might add is the smell of wet grass, pine trees and my silly llama boy who is still releaving himself where I do not want him too but I would take that smell over crowded city smells any day. Is this why we are having to teach the Basic Simple Life??? I admit it is easier for me to live that simple life because I have not hooked my life into all those techno gadgets that keep us a slave to continual information, disconnected connections, demands on our time that have no value - shouldn't the first thing we do is put those things on the shelf and just live in the "Right Now". Find those small things that give us pleasure and do that - instead of twittering, texting, talking and watching video games on the phone. Connect to Nature or Ourselves - you do not need a book, lecture, social network to do that - just do it!

So as the story ended all to quickly leaving me wanting more - I thanked the universe for sending me such a perfect simple night...

What is your idea of a simple pleasure??


monica said...

Grace, What a great post! I have to say that I am bummed because I forgot that Murder on the Orient Express was on last night! I was going to watch it and thought of you when I saw the commercial for it! I think as a society, he have gotten trapped into so many things that we do in a way forget how to live simply!

While I am grateful to have internet to connect with my fiber friends, so many people live their lives by those connections, having 100 "friends" on Facebook, but they don't know the name of their neighbor next door! I have to confess that I do like having my cell phone and internet, but that's it for me! I refuse to pay for t.v. when I can watch Nascar for free and I too have old fashioned ice cube trays!


larkspur funny farm said...

Sorry that you missed the show it was great...

I too an grateful for the internet because that is how I met you and we share our adventures. I understand that the cell phone is part of everyone's life as long as it is not attached to their ears all the time.. Hope you enjoy your race and had a cold drink with ice cubes on me...

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Keeper of the Past said...

Grace, that was a perfect night. I am thankful for the day that I picked up my first MJ Magazine and you become a cyber friend. God bless you always and may you have a perfect day and night for the rest of your life.

Big Hug

Anonymous said...

Grace I am also thankful for the internet and all the friends I have made and the information from all of you. Who knows where my sheep would be if not for all the knowledge shared.
I am grateful that my husband is patient with me and my learning to farm, he grew up on one.
I am grateful my grandparents grew up on farms so it is in my blood and that my Grandma came to me in a dream and told me get back to the basics...I have found peace back in the basics ;-)
Old Spirit from MJ farm

Anonymous said...

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