Monday, July 5, 2010

Sweet Shy Sitara

Thought I might give you some up to date looks and info on those who grace the pastures but remain in the back ground.

Sitara is the daughter of Esmerelda born December 17, 2008. Her twin bother Seamus has been with the boys without spending any time with mother and sister for over a year. However, now they can walk a fence line together and the moment they had that they are again spending a much time together as possible. The fence does not seem to slow them down - head butting is always a playtime activity.

Sitara also is a great big sister to Olivia. Sitara is babysitter, nurse maid and protector. She even watches over Ozzie thru the barn gate and walks with him in the early morning even if there is a fence between them.

Then there is her fleece. She is a cashmere and angora cross that has fleece to die for - I might even consider shearing her again this early fall because she is growing out so quickly. Sitara is sweet, shy, gentle soul which has been taking her time to make friends with two legged folks but she is gaining her confidence and today she is a real show stopper.

Tell me what you think of this sweet gal!

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