Monday, July 26, 2010

Trying to get Noticed!

You know how hard it is to get noticed in life - Peter has the same problem.

The girls are out of their pastures trying to assist me in getting the very tall grass under control around the house. Peter thought this would be the perfect time to say all his sweet grunts that he knows to have them cover over and admire him. Soon he realized that the grass was too tall to even be seen so up on the tub he went. He gave his best pose and another but the girls are more interested in the tassels of grain that hang in mid air. Peter then decided to add some additional sounds. He stomped his foot on the tub like the sound of a big brass drum. Over and over the tried to get their attention but the sweet smell of fat grass blades keep them nibbling.

I must say I get a kick out how the boys think the world revolves around them. That just because they stand proud with their huge horns erect that every female within miles should come running. I love how they practice those posses for hours even when they know no one is looking. It is at their core. When little boys are still with their mothers they stomp their feet, click their tongues and sway back and forth as if to say "I am the KING, the next BREEDER - LOOK AT ME!" I must say, I love that proud sense of self they have - maybe that is why I have so many boys here - their energy seems to keep me going on those days when I want to be a wimp and pull the covers over my head.

So today I will celebrate Peter's pride in himself even if the girls will not look up from their nibbling.


jane said...

Boy, men are all the same. Doesn't matter what animal. We think as humans we are far removed from the animal world, but we are just the same! Lets hope Peter doesn't buy a sports car, that never works.

larkspur funny farm said...

Sounds like you have some experience with this??? No, I will not let him have the keys to my truck either - he is too much of a hot head - road rage and that!

Thanks for reading - Hope you are staying cool.