Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh How I HATE This Holiday

Again, we are off to a bumpy start to the Holiday weekend.

Last night while going out my shop door and heading to take care of the evening chores I could hear vehicles coming up the steep hill with great speed. Just as I said in my brain "Those A**holes, slow down"!! As a black older truck passed the ridge on my property next to the road there came a white SUV going so fast there was no way he was going to keep that vehicle in control.. Sure enough, that stupid red neck lost control spun out while making two circles and fliped into my windbreak fence and then my row of trees. I stood for a couple of seconds just shocked...

As my sweet little goat boys and my two senior boys ran for their dear lives and the whole farm was so frightened with all the events - that they all ran for their barns like we where under attack.

I ran into the house to call the police and also to grab my truck keys... With the horrible dry conditions I was so worried that the SUV might start a fire... As I ran outside to check on the animals and what was going on with the two vehicles I could hear the two red necks - drunk as skunks, yelling, laughing and trying to get the vehicle out of my property. They tied ropes onto it and began trying to pull it out. It was smoking under the hood and I was praying that they would get it on the dirt road before it began to flame.

As I got in the truck to go and see their license plates they started slowly driving down the road.. No police yet because we are not close enough to have them show up in any quick response. I could not get a clear look at the plates as they took off - once they saw I was coming they went way too fast again trying to get away from me. I had no desire for a car chase, rather I just wanted to get my animals calmed down and make sure all was secure on the farm.

Every year 4th of July brings out the dim witted red necks who drink too much, shoot off guns for no reason other then they can and then they shoot off illegal fireworks keeping the animals and I in a state of panic.... We have a volunteer fire department which during this weekend are always busy putting out fires because of the dim witted red necks. Last year they ran out of water the first night and had to have trucks bring in tons because we did not have enough in the various ponds around the countryside. The police response to the shooting is as follows: that they can not do anything unless I am hit and can managed to know who did it. They will not even serve a ticket if the dim witted red necks hit one of my animals. There statement was "Their only animals"...



jane said...

Oh my god, I know how you feel. It is like a war zone with all the fireworks around here. It's almost like we live in the same farm. I have these same drunk rednecks always hunting on my property and I have it clearly MARKED. I had to call the police one night due to armed drunk guys in my horse field at 11pm, it took the cops 30 minutes to get here. Well if it was a serial killer he could have killed us, cut us up, and made a sandwich before the cops came. They were coon hunters, but no one should be on my property at night with guns but ME. You never know about people these days. I hope your animals were alright and at least they were smart enough to go in the barn. Mine would have said "fence is down make a break for it".Sorry you have to spend the 4th putting a fence back up.

larkspur funny farm said...

Well, it was on the to do list for another section so what is another 60 feet or so???

I hope you will have a quite holiday and I think I might get in a nap so I am wide awake for the night time watch.... Be Safe!

Anonymous said...

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