Monday, July 26, 2010


Mishka is such a Mommies Girl. Mishka tried to join the hens under the Pinon Pine Tree but they would have none of it... They pecked her nose and screamed at her. When Mishka was just a tiny thing the hens would let her under with them because she did not take up much space but with time all things grow. Mishka in her heart believes she is the only thing of importance on this farm - I have no clue who taught her this?? Some Kids!!

So Mishka did her usual thing - she walked up the front stairs and was going to walk into the house to stay with me. As she reached to top of the stairs she was confused - "What is this thing keeping my out?" MOMshe screamed. As I tried to explain to her that big goats do not get to walk in the front door she gave me that look!! You know the look - the one all kids give when they hope to melt your heart even when they know what they are asking is not right... Even goats do that - see I told you we are not that far apart.

Well, I may love her to pieces but NO MISHKA IN THE HOUSE... She stood for a very long time giving me that look, I turn my back and walked into the house. Shut the door and then like all parents I watched from the window so she could not see me. Poor Mishka stood for a long time - expecting any moment for me to change my mind and pull the gate. After 20 minutes she finally turned around and with each step down the stairs she would glance back to see if I might have had a change of heart. When she reached the bottom she looked at the hens as if to say "See, I really need to be with you" but they had not changed their minds either - off she went without her normal bounce in her step. She reached to other girls who where back in the tall grass and started in on her nibbling.

It sure is hard being such a hard ass!!!


monica said...

What a face!! I would have a hard time resisting!

jane said...

Awww, how cute. I think she even tugged at my heart a little. Those eyes get me every time.