Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Marple in the pasture with????

That sweet, white young gal is Miss Marple - look at those long, long lashes. Her mother Maggie is pure black - go figure.. Miss Marple was born 2/20/2010 along with her twin bother Mr. Magoo also pure white... Miss Marple does not leave her mother's side and that is fine with me. The little boy is not far away but is being weaned and learning the ropes of being a boy. I will post his picture on a different posting.

Miss Marple is a Pure Cashmere and her baby fleece is so fine that I have to be very careful that she does not matt up before her first hair cut. Miss Marple has always been a cleaver gal and she is always 10 steps ahead of me - which is not hard some days. She never makes a sound and is always kind to the other little ones. She will be a great mother someday - her mother has taughter her well.

What stories could you write with this little gal??

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