Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr M.

This handsome fellow is Miss Marples twin bother. Such a sweet yet funny fellow. He is the first to play, run, jump and get into trouble as little boys will do. He is always napping on Chief (my great pry who watches over them) like he did with his mother and sister. Like his sister, he never makes a sound but if you are very quite you can hear him make his little boy sounds. That little throat sound - something like a growl but it is there way of see who is top guy. Very silly indeed for these little boys because right now they are all sitting in the barn, scared to death of the frog's making such a racket after the weekend storms that hit the farm. I could not get them to come out and see the frogs - such silly little billies.

Anyway, Mr. M is one fine gentlemen and in two years will be a top breeding guy at someone's farm - will it be yours???

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