Monday, July 5, 2010

Graceful Gretal

She is impressive - look at those amazing horns and her rippling locks. She may be a show stopper but I appreciate her also for her love for her kids. Motherhood is Gretal's prime concern and then she takes time to groom those luxurious locks.

Her twins born April 2, 2009 which are Jack and Jill.. Jill gets to be with Mommy and Jack has spent the last year with the young billies. Jill is a kind gentle girl and Jack is working on his tough guy routine. Proud mother Gretal visits her son thru the pasture fence and still grooms his ears like she did when he was a wee one. Jill gets those evening cleanings too, along with still resting her head on mommies tummy like she did the day she was born.

Gretal has it all don't you think???


Lisa said...

she's quite a babe! love her gorgeous cool grey white coat!

Keeper of the Past said...


larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you - she knows it too!!