Friday, January 29, 2010

It's Clucking Friday Already

Another Friday has jumped out at me again - where is time going???
The gentle flow of this farm can get a person lost in their own heads, hearts and hands. With each morning after doing the chores the hens walk back with me to the shop door say their morning well wishes and head to the front bed to pick up what the wild birds have dumped while picking at the swinging bird feeders. Then they hunt for the pinon nuts that have dropped to the ground during our late night winds. Once they have had their fill they stroll back to the hen house to clean their feathers and rest in the deep bedding. Once I am back for afternoon chores they race out of their house and tell me all the daily gossip as they wait for their evening treats. Friday is Popcorn Day and they sure LOVE their popcorn.

This pattern is repeated each day but I must admit to me I am never bored with this flow. I do sometimes forget which day it is but does it really matter. I try to live in the moment and not get caught up in too many steps ahead.

Folks spend tons of money on books, lectures, CD's, DVD's to learn the ways of "Living Simple" - save your money - follow a chicken for a week - you will learn all the life lessons you will need to know.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Morning with Monica

Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of this fast little girl???
I had to fake her out by pretending to take pictures of the other girls and while she tried to sneak behind me I quickly turned and clicked - Not the best picture but the first I have been able to get in a long time.

Now for those who do not know Monica she is the daughter of my 21 year old Angora Mommy. Monica is the first baby in I can't count how many years that the Mommy has taken care of - most of her babies in the past five years or so have been mine to feed and raise. Monica is finally playing with the smaller kids and loves running around like a crazy gal. She is still small but each day I am so amazed that this sweet thing is here and happy. I just love her sweet smile...

See My Buddy

I bet you thought I was going a bit NUTS!!! See my new chore buddy is real.. This morning as the bitter cold was making chores anything but fun my little buddy decided to join me and walk with me while I did all the work. When I finished chores I asked the sweet one to wait while I found the camera to get a picture. I was not sure if it would wait but there he was sitting outside the shop door. What a clever little one - but the sound from my camera gave it reason to run a bit but it settled down and allowed better pictures to be taken...

After taking several pictures the cold was getting a bit harsh so I wanted inside and so did this clever little one. He raced into the shop but stopped the moment I said no. It gave me a look like "Mom is it really cold outside" but I was firm - No outside creatures inside... The sweet one turned around and ran outside but gave me a sad little look as he ran to the barn. During afternoon chores he again followed me around but this time went directly to the barn after I finished - WOW, it is better trained then my children.

So I hope this puts to rest those who thought I had gone around the bend...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Dance, Happy Dance

NO it is NOT BABIES REALLY, is that all you think about??

The news is I managed to recalibrate my computer and printer to finally get it to print shipping labels and postage for my shops. Now I know to some your are thinking my nine year old could do that - Well, does your nine year old live here??? I sure wished you would send that nine year old my way - I could use all the help I could get. I admit it and have many times here - "Computers and I just do not work well together". I have no talent for them and they have no pitty on me. Well, I finally won!!!

I printed out my first shipping and postage label this morning only after the computer crashed five times before it finally worked. I also understand that when you have dial up it is like working with a snail but that should be to my advantage - one snail talking to another.

Anyway it is HAPPY DANCE - JOY, JOY for ME!!

Sunday with my Daugther In Law

What a fun day Sunday was - my daughter in law Brooke came out to the farm. This was the first visit without my son Nick who was busy out of town. She was so kind to drive all the way out to assist me in getting some yarn bundles done and also to put the finishing touches on the bookmarks that go out with each Etsy order. As I said in my last post with all the wind and still going out every two hours to check on goats who refuse to give birth I have been a bit behind in my shop work. The help was very appreciated.

I made breakfast and Brooke made a whole wheat pizza with ham and pineapple for our late lunch/early dinner... Good eats, productive work and more talking then I do in a month. I hope she enjoyed the time - I sure did. With the baby coming in a couple of months life will change for everyone - it still is alot for me to take in. First that my son is married, then that he will soon be a father and lastly that someone in this world will call me grandma... All of my grandkids have fur and four legs.

Hope you all had a great weekend too - love to hear what you did???

Waiting to Exhale

Around here you sometimes find yourself holding your breath and not even realizing it. I find also my teeth grinding and jaw clinched until I almost can not open my mouth. It happens not when there is an emergency at hand but when you are caught in the daily work that seems to have the whole farm on edge. I am not a person who likes wind and around here when it get going my insides seems to just go wild. Some say it is because I am a Fire Sign (Aries) other say it is because the it is a primal hardwiring that makes you on edge. I am not the only one - all the animals during these winds are on edge too. Fights break out amongst those who are best buds, the hens go after each other like spoiled school girls. Even my sweet tempered dogs get a wild hair up their rear ends. Needless to say this old girls gray cells seem to turn to mush, I can't sleep either which does not help. So for the past five days it has been tense here but the weather man says the winds are to die down and maybe then this Funny Farm can return to Normal - at least Normal for us..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying to find Center

I have started and deleted my postings for awhile now because anything I had to say about my life, the farm or my sweet animals seemed so small in the light of the horrible losses that have been shown to us all. Then I read a letter I wrote to myself the day I got married. I told myself that none of us are given tomorrow, none of us can know how long anything will last - so "LIVE EACH DAY AS IF IT WAS YOUR LAST" because who knows it just might be... This does not mean we do not plan for the future but rather we give our all today. We do not wait to tell someone we love them because they might not be there when it is on our timetable. We give 110% to all we do and do not waste time of those things that do not matter.

It is hard for most folks to LIVE in the PRESENT MOMENT but when we see such pain it should remind us to celebrate every minute we are alive because nothing is for sure. So I hope you will forgive me for my taking some time out to be still, give thanks and send prayers.

I count you all in my blessings for making my life fuller and for letting me share my bits and pieces with you - you add so much to my present moments and I hope I give back some to your present moments too...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today was a PERFECT Day

I wished everyone could have the Perfect Day like I had today!!

First, it did not take seven layers to get out the door this morning to do chores...
Second, the sun was in full glory. The kind of sun that makes you lift your face towards it and smile.
Third, I was able to spend hours out with the girls scratching big round tummies, hugging and snugging with them outside while we soaked up the sun. They where even lifting their heads to the sky and giving thanks for this perfect day. Cheif was right in the middle of every thing getting tons of attention and licking their faces. I also had Kasha kicking up her heels while rubbing her winter coat on every pine tree she walked by.
Lastly, I spent many hours in front of my electric Patrick Green Carding Machine. I know to some that might sound like work but for me it is pure joy... I took some of the Yearling Mohair Ringlets that I had dyed months before and blended it with some Wynsledale Long Lockets that I had sitting in my workshop now for sometime. The sounds of the machine as the teeth passed over the fiber is like a heartbeat to me. I get lost in the process.

Now the cherry on top would have been a baby or two showing themselves but all in all I will still consider this a PERFECT day..... If today was my last day on the planet I can truely say - Thank You

I would love to hear what was your Perfect Day!!! Please Share

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hot Flashes and - 32 Below Zero

Last night we reached - 32 below zero with the wind chill - THAT IS COLD With all the layers I had on it still was bitter cold - made you walk very quickly to get to the barn. This time I had a bit of a surprise - HOT FLASHES!!
This was a good thing I thought - nice and toasty but wait I was overheating and did not dare take off any layers...

Back and forth from barn to house - on and off the layers went - and these night sweats (all be it I was wide awake tending my goat girls) where making me dripping wet. Now no where in any of the books I have seen this topic being brought up. What in the world are we to do when we want to rip our clothes off but it is -32 below??? Can you imagine how hard it is to peel off long johns when they are glued to your skin. I went thru three pairs last night just doing the checks. Since I do not have a dryer they where hung all around to dry. I know too much information but really I am sure that this is not a new thing for us farmgals..

So here is my question - What is a gal to do - I do not wish to ever take chemicals for this so any suggestions..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Males are such BABIES!!

Here at the farm I have many, many boys, I have even raised two male children into grown men but I must say they are all big babies.. My four legged boys whine about the cold, they whine about how much they get to eat, they whine if someone gets a kiss before them but my biggest baby is my 158 lb Great Pry dog - Chief. He is one of those dogs who talks and I mean TALKS! He is always whining for more hugs, first kisses, first food and all the attention, all the time...

Well, he got all the attention this weekend. When I went out for the morning chores I could not see Chief. I called - NO Chief. I freaked and ran towards the barn (which is not easy task with my heavy snow boots) to find him under a heat lamp in the barn. He would not get up as I walked towards him - finally he stood but only on three legs. As I got closer he started his whining voice. This time however there was pain in that whining and he was limping.. This huge baby would not let me touch his leg and I could tell he was not just being a baby, he was really hurt. After getting him quite and laying down I quickly ran to get everyone feed and then ran back to him. He had not moved an inch while I was gone. As I grab the vet kit I started praying that this would be something I could handle because I was thinking to myself "How in the world was I going to get this big guy across the farm, into the truck and to a vet". Last time we went to the vet clinic it was a three person task and that was when he was only a year old. Since then all of his care has been done here.
So I sat with him calmly speaking to him, stroking his back, face and rubbing his ears, he finally let me touch his leg. After getting a better feel of that leg I found he had a huge lump but luckly it was not hot to the touch, that would mean an infection and some type of tumor. I also could not feel a break so I wrapped the leg with a zip lock baggie of peas and my trusty Vet Wrap. From what I could gather one of the goat girls had stepped on his leg. Chief does have a habit of taking up space that the goat girls think is theirs. Also, now so close to their delivery dates these girls have no patience with anyone.

Now my big whinning boy was still crying up a storm, which meant this soft hearted tuff farmgal would spend most of her day in the barn. Since I never can just sit I went to work on moving almost a ton of hay into the barn so I would be ready for the next storm coming on Wednesday. Typical guy, while I worked he napped.. At least he was not whining...

I spent most of the night in the barn Saturday and again almost the whole day and night on Sunday so my big guy would not work so hard. He knew if I was there he could rest. Also, I have several of the goat girls getting ready to have their little ones so where else would I be. Heck sleeping on a hay stack that I brought in was just fine with me.

Great News, Chief by Monday afternoon was just limping a bit and this morning I caught him chasing a bunny which found it's way into the wrong pasture... Now before I end this I must tell you that this big baby still greats me whinning and talking up a storm but aleast it is on all four. Now about my back after moving all the hay and spending the night in a cold barn - let me tell you - WAIT THAT IS WHINNING !!! I AM A STRONG WOMEN....not a whining male

For all those males out there - MAN UP! Us WOMEN DO IT EVERYDAY

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do You Make Resolutions?

I never have understood the need to make resolutions at the beginning of a New Year but I am always interested in what others determine should be their goals for themselves for the next 365 days.

O.K. lets hear them!!!! Honest I want to know!!!

I already watch my weight - It has not gone anywhere???
I already gave up smoking some 30 years ago!!
I already cut down on drinking - that was easy as soon as I did not interact with my husbands side of the family!!!
I already reuse, reduce and recycle - in fact I drive folks nuts with it!!
I already clear my clutter every month otherwise the Martha Stewart in me would slap me silly !!

So what is out there for me to Resolve??? Would love some hints because I feel like I must be missing the boat on this whole resolution thing. So be brave and share those out of the box resolutions with me - promise I won't giggle - I might be in need of that same resolution..

We are howling at the Moon

What a GREAT way to start this New Year. I have GREAT GREAT GREAT NEWS the deer family is back safe and sound!!!!! My prayers have been answered. The dogs alerted me to the fact that before dusk our sweet family was eating in the far pasture. I must admit I let out a squeek that I think could have been heard in the next county. I stood and watched them for the longest time just on the edge of crying - I can not tell you how worried I was about them. My heart still breaks for the sweet little deer who lost it's life but I also must admit I was so grateful that it was not someone in this family pod.

I called the authorities to let them know and they informed me that they have arrested some folks down the way who was caught poaching deer. Turns out it is only a fineable offense but I sure will be keeping an eye on them. I understand hunting - my father did it my whole life but only the correct way - these guys are killing anything in sight, out of season and without any thought to the possibility of also hitting our livestock. Then I find out they are hunting to feed illegals who they have working on their ranch under horrible conditions. Just bad folks all around. The ranch owners will be in court for that at least and now there is talk that this group might have been also poaching livestock. It is unbelieveable what goes on - all the more reason my dogs work so hard. Good luck on trying to come near any of my sweet babies. I guess I might have to start target practice again. Little rusty on the shot gun but I still can hit what I aim at.

But back to the good news - so our little family is back and all under the glow of this incredible moon - Life could not get any sweeter...

Party Like it is 2010

Trust you all have clear heads by now and that the streamers our picked up and the bottles are put in the recycling bin!!

The Funny Farm was party central. The goats and I had a wild time. Homemade crackers and pate' with a stiff Gin and Tonic. After a day of hard outside work I made myself a very hot bath with my son's bath salts (He makes the best Victorian Rose Bath Salt) and soft candles flickering as I tried to get this soar body to relax. That was followed by two hour checks all night long in the bitter cold barn to see if any New Years goat babies would make their grand enterance. NO LUCK!

I told you we are Party Animals... Gone are the days of bar hopping, party crawling and large hang overs - to be honest those where not my idea of a fun time. Now I admit some who think my evening dull but with each trek out to the barn there came a tingle over me like kids on Christmas morning. As I walk into the barn my heart beats faster just thinking their might be a new soul waiting for me. Some would say aren't you disappointed when there is no baby?? NO, because I know they are coming and half the fun is the waiting... I do get the great joy of hugging and comforting they expecting mothers, which is well worth the cold walk. Besides, no hang over in the morning just rosey checks and cold toes...