Monday, July 26, 2010

Monica Loves -?

Chamomile and Spearmint
The girl has great taste!! I watched her closely to see what she would pick since this was the first time up to the front bed and driveway. She is a shy one and watched the other girls to see what they might eat. It is hard without her Mother to show her the way. As soon as she got a nibble of the wild chamomile her tail went up and that tiny sweet mouth went to town. I could not believe her mouth could go that fast but like with all of us we sometimes can't help ourselves.

Then as she heard the hens under the Pinon Pine Tree she walked over to see what they where up too. I think she got a brief smell of the Spearmint and she popped her head up and again those tiny lips where moving a mile a minute. As she snatched each leaf with such gentleness I was amazed how she only took one leaf from each stock. This will help the plant in producing more but also will keep them healthy for the next time she visits.

This gal will not only hit her mineral intake for the day but she will have the sweetest breath in the barn.


Mishka is such a Mommies Girl. Mishka tried to join the hens under the Pinon Pine Tree but they would have none of it... They pecked her nose and screamed at her. When Mishka was just a tiny thing the hens would let her under with them because she did not take up much space but with time all things grow. Mishka in her heart believes she is the only thing of importance on this farm - I have no clue who taught her this?? Some Kids!!

So Mishka did her usual thing - she walked up the front stairs and was going to walk into the house to stay with me. As she reached to top of the stairs she was confused - "What is this thing keeping my out?" MOMshe screamed. As I tried to explain to her that big goats do not get to walk in the front door she gave me that look!! You know the look - the one all kids give when they hope to melt your heart even when they know what they are asking is not right... Even goats do that - see I told you we are not that far apart.

Well, I may love her to pieces but NO MISHKA IN THE HOUSE... She stood for a very long time giving me that look, I turn my back and walked into the house. Shut the door and then like all parents I watched from the window so she could not see me. Poor Mishka stood for a long time - expecting any moment for me to change my mind and pull the gate. After 20 minutes she finally turned around and with each step down the stairs she would glance back to see if I might have had a change of heart. When she reached the bottom she looked at the hens as if to say "See, I really need to be with you" but they had not changed their minds either - off she went without her normal bounce in her step. She reached to other girls who where back in the tall grass and started in on her nibbling.

It sure is hard being such a hard ass!!!

My Weed Eaters - No Chemicals Here!!

I am always amazed how my goats would rather eat weeds then grass.. The weeds do have more minerals, a varied taste and Oh Such Wonderful Thistles!!! I spent 2 hours in the heat Sunday pulling and digging weeds out of the front driveway. NO ROUND UP ALLOWED! I pulled for as long as my back would allow in the heat but you could hardly tell I had been at it for so long...

Leave it to my sweet talented girls. Now this does not mean no weeding for Grace but I love the fact that they are willing to lend a hand or should I say mouth. What also interests me is how each goat here has their favorite weeds. Yep, just like us we all don't eat Okra - Yuck!
I also have observed that just like us - if the Mother Goat eats Thistles then their babies learn to as well. However, another Mother Goat wont go near Thistles and that baby will never even try it even when she see other goats eating the thistle.

I think also it has to do with management of the animals. I have taught my goats not to be too picky. Over the years I have learned some tricks - like, if I want them to really go after a spot I stand in that spot because their are one's who are my shadows and if I get them eating then the whole group comes a running. I also found that some schedule is O.K. but I do not have things written in stone. If they can go with the flow then they are much more willing to try new things or make do with what they have got... I must say I raised my two sons the same way and both of them eat just about anything and never complain when their favorites are not around.

Oh I had a thought - How about a parenting book based on raising goats? Really, we are not that different. Maybe not, I guess that might offend some goats!!

Beat the Heat - Smart Hen

I am not the only one who hates the heat. My sweet old white hens have the best way to keep cool - They dig in the deep mulch in the front bed under the wide Pinon Pine Tree. Once they have scratched out the perfect hole they tuck their sleek bodies in and then close their eyes. You can hear them softly chattering away to each other but not giving too much energy to the task. I wonder what they are talking about, what tales, secrets or gossip they might be sharing while keeping themselves cool. Once the sun lowers itself behind the mountain horizon they will come strolling out and back to their coop where fresh cool water awaits along with evening treats (watermelon rind is on the menu tonight). Their fan will be moving the sweet evening air and their night light flickers with moths dancing in front of the bulb. Not a bad life for these old gals - too bad I do not fit under the tree or I would be with them - sharing the damp mulch and tell tales of adventures on the Funny Farm.

How do you beat the heat???

Trying to get Noticed!

You know how hard it is to get noticed in life - Peter has the same problem.

The girls are out of their pastures trying to assist me in getting the very tall grass under control around the house. Peter thought this would be the perfect time to say all his sweet grunts that he knows to have them cover over and admire him. Soon he realized that the grass was too tall to even be seen so up on the tub he went. He gave his best pose and another but the girls are more interested in the tassels of grain that hang in mid air. Peter then decided to add some additional sounds. He stomped his foot on the tub like the sound of a big brass drum. Over and over the tried to get their attention but the sweet smell of fat grass blades keep them nibbling.

I must say I get a kick out how the boys think the world revolves around them. That just because they stand proud with their huge horns erect that every female within miles should come running. I love how they practice those posses for hours even when they know no one is looking. It is at their core. When little boys are still with their mothers they stomp their feet, click their tongues and sway back and forth as if to say "I am the KING, the next BREEDER - LOOK AT ME!" I must say, I love that proud sense of self they have - maybe that is why I have so many boys here - their energy seems to keep me going on those days when I want to be a wimp and pull the covers over my head.

So today I will celebrate Peter's pride in himself even if the girls will not look up from their nibbling.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Farm Girl Can't Live by FIBER ALONE!!!

Please tell me I am not the only person who at 11:00 at night is baking Turkey Meat Loaf???

Now that the dye pots have cooled off and I have finally gathered my energy from another hot day I find myself in the kitchen baking Turkey Meat Loaf and cutting out my favorite Christmas Cookies.. Has the heat finally taken it's toll on this gal??

Nope, I am enjoying the fact that the sun has gone down, the sweet breeze that graces this farm has started, I received my "Buffy" Season 3 DVD from NetFlix today and I have a large home made Ice Coffee in my hands. Life is GRAND!

Now is the perfect time to get the meals done for the coming weekend - then I can go full speed tilt on the work that is always calling me. Besides, when I am too hot to even think straight I will have food waiting with very little effort. I have also on the menu planned a Raisin Bread French Toast with Fresh Fruit, Greek Feast Salad for lunch, Yummy Turkey Meat Loaf with a Twice Baked Potato and Heirloom Tomato Salad with Herb Dressing.. If the heat has not hurt my cookies I will be topping off the evening with yummy Cookies and Homemade Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Ice cream. Sounds like I will be eating well... Sunday is Poached Eggs from my sweet hens with a big slice of Melon, followed by BLT on homemade Cottage Cheese and Dill bread for lunch with a couple of Apricots, then dinner will be a Sweet Sausage and Goat Cheese Pizza with a small glass of wine..

As I finish up my Ice Coffee and nibble on a couple of Chia Spiced Mixed Nuts I will watch another installment of Buffy while I wait on the Turkey Meat Loaf to cool down before placing it in the frig and myself in bed. Wished I could place myself in the frig too but I will have to be content with my little bedside fan and the gentle breeze here at the farm.

So now that I have shared what I am having it is your turn to share what is on the menu for your weekend??

Mink Stole - My Take On It!

It is never too hot or to early to think of winter! The dream of snow covered trees and a nip in the air inspired this round of batts. I wanted to be taken away from the endless 90+ days so I took my finest natural colored fibers sitting in my shop and went to work. As I built up the layers I started with natural colored fawn Alpaca from LFF Gambler. Then I brought in a wonderful cinnamon Llama from the coop I belong too. Then I made sure with each layer I added pure white silk to keep me cool and crisp. Now in order to the get look just right on both edges I also included my sweet Icelandic Dark Chocolate Brown Lambs Wool. These batts are so silky soft and feels just like a Mink Stole but no one had to give their life to make this offering..

I hope you enjoy these batts and are picturing those wonderful winter days when Jack Frost will have had his way with us. Do not wait too long to bring them to your home - soon the flakes will be flying and you will be looking for something warm and dreamy...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Have a WINNER!!!

Having to wait for the horrible storm to pass last night it was not till this morning I was able to turn on the computer. I am trying a new techno thing that pulls the names randomly - after several trying to understand their instructions I got it done!!!

The winner is - Drum Roll PLEASE - 1badmamawolf !!! The streams are flowing, the fireworks are bursting and the confetti coming down in buckets. O.K. who is going to clean all this up???

So if 1badmamawolf would please contact me I will get all the information and send the journal right out to you. Hope you enjoy it and many thanks to everyone who entered. I will be posting another giveaway shortly so keep an eye out....

I am such a Lucky Gal - Another Treasury!!!

If you would be so kind as to take a look at the following treasury that I have been including in today - it is ripe with the most incredible products all with the theme of POMERGRANATES.

I don't know about you but this makes my mouth water and long for those wonderful winter time fruit..

I just found out that if you click each picture and view it - this will then move this treasury to the front page - WOW I did not know that!!! Please help me and the other artists to get world wide coverage just by the click of you mouse....

Many thanks.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


They say you have to fight fire with fire - here is my way of doing so... As I stood in my shop and fiber work room (both had concrete floors which is better then any AC) I spied some great elements just screaming to be placed together. As I plucked them from their shelves inspiration was heating up. As I arrived at my wheel it was amazing how my feet and fingers where on fire with desire... I could not seem to keep up but the dance was quick and full of heat. The result - FLAME!!

I hope you will feel the dancing of color and flickers of textures..

What would you make with this hot new number??

Blushing Rose Art Yarn

I have created a art yarn that just makes my heart soar - I hope you feel the same.

I combined 50% pure white Bamboo along with the palest of coral pink Mohair and Wool. I let nature do the rest - a fast drafting application on my Ashford Joy Wheel and a single was created. When I started plying I used two singles and then split in a soft celery green organza ribbon when the mood hit me. After the plying was done I went back and hand tied each ribbon so there would be no chance of them falling out. After setting the twist and letting it dry in the sweet evening air at the farm this is the finished wonderful yarn....


Sunday, July 18, 2010


Have you ever felt like you where in a movie??? I brought home a movie from the library "Dracula" with my favorite actor David Suehet playing the part of Van Helsing. Now I own about 6 or 7 different Dracula movies so I thought I would watch them all as I tried to stay in the cold dark shadows of my basement concrete floor to avoid the heat. During this heat wave I do my chores before the sunrise and go back out as the sun sets... Makes me feel more a kin to Dracula then anyone else. As always those best laid plans just never work out. I had a day of animals being in a mood and making all kinds of mischief. The first time I went out in day light is was because Sophie got off lead again and was stirring up the goat girls. By the time I got back to the house I think I lost a quart of blood... Next the big goat boys had started not really a fight but there was a ton of pushing and horn clanking so I again ventured out into the daylight. As I placed Sherlock and Avery out in the yard to just graze while the others I gave a bit of extra hay I think this time there was 2 quarts missing by the time I ran into the house. I ran down to my lair with every inch of this body feeling like the last bit of life has been drained out of me. I tried to enjoy my movies as I worked away but soon was consumed with a horrible need to scratch myself. I looked at my arms and it looked like a child with chicken pox. Then I looked at my legs and more of those horrible red bumps. MY GOD - I must not have a drop of blood left. How could this happen?? I put on my cloak of DEET before leaving the safety of my cold dark crypt. Now I understood why the sweet animals on this farm was acting out - they are slowly being drain of their life force - blood!!!

As the day dragged on and my body was reeling in tons of bumps - I wished I could summon up the blood sucking hunter Van Helsing to slay the evil doers.. Oh how I hate this time of year - The Heat, The Bloodsuckers, The Horror of it all!!

By the time sunset came the feeding frenzy was at full tilt. I was no longer even safe in the cold dark basement. Will this NEVER END! What I would not give for a snow storm right now. I would summon up my legion of bats but they where already working their little wings to a frazzle. I called on my sisterhood of the crows but their bellies where already full and hurting with their feast. Is there no creature of the night who would save me???

Finally in desperation I went to bed and pulled the sheet over my head. I could hear those blood sucking monsters trying to get the last drops of blood out of me. Fatigue took over my body and sleep was all I could do now. I prayed for a swift release from this torture. My life is one big blood sucking fest - in both my movie selections today and my lifeless body tonight.

As I awoke today with a new dawn rising I stood in the shower trying to releave all the itching that was running over my body. Just then my mind went to the shower scene in "PSYCHO" - I think I have found my new selection of movies for today. So I will turn on the OPEN sign, pull out the big sharp knives, make a batch a grilled cheese sandwich with a full pot of that special brew and I will be waiting for you to come on over for a lesson in taxidermy - got any dead things lying about???

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Around here the saying is:

For those who have the privilege to live with goats or sheep you will know what I am talking about, but for those who are deprived of that honor here is what that looks like.

Your in the house and you hear a sad cry from the fence line - you look out and there is (fill in the name) in my case it is Maggie. Yes, for the billion and two times she has decided that the blade of grass on the other side of the fence must be better then the two trillion in her pasture... So for those of us who thought we where smart and spent a small fortune of graduated fencing just to keep this type of problem from happening you see yet again she has placed her head through the smallest of openings. It is always amazing to me how easy it is to go through but coming back their heads must have gotten bigger. Now, we give her a bit of time to figure it out - who are we kidding she is not going to figure it out... All the other sweet ones do but Maggie is one of those that once her head is through she believes it is there forever and she is determined to make it so.... Sound like anyone you know???

So, after a fair amount of time I know that I will have to go out there. This is not a happy task because unlike my other smart goats Maggie will now fight me tooth and nail to make sure I can not get her head out.. Smart Girl!!! Again does this remind you of anyone???

Well, today she managed to put her head through an additional fence panel I put up hoping to train the little goat kids not to do what this adult did - Great Roll Model! After struggling with her for nearly 45 minutes trying all the tricks I have learned over the years - none of them working with this Wise One - I had to start undoing the fence line. Yep, you read that right - boy was I pissed... Once getting it all undone now I had to deal with this heavy panel and the silly goat. After looking like some poorly written slapstick movie with every goat girl trying to get involved, a few even got there heads in the openings (personally I think they where just trying to show Maggie that they are smarter and could get their own heads out)but stopped it once I yelled at them. Finally, after another half hour I managed to free her. She did not even thank me - rather she gave me that look like "I could have done it myself Mom if you only gave me two days and a bunch of hair missing".. Now this surely must remind you of someone who is very close to you, perhaps even dare I say the person looking back at you in the mirror!!

So, after all that I had to rewire the fence panel and walk back to the house dripping wet. I HATE being outside in this heat and then having to do rodeo goat work is even worse. I would love to say she has learned her lesson but we all know that is not true. I admit this is her one flaw - I love her dearly but do you have someone in your life like Maggie?

Here is how I apply Maggie's reasoning to my own: Have you ever done something over and over and over again - only to get the same results. You can not quite let yourself try something new or let someone else help you through it because you keep thinking this time the results will be different? Think about it!!! I sure do... That is why I tell folks that I learn so much from my sweet four legged family members if I just give myself a chance... Yes, I too can be very much like Maggie - that is why I have such understanding for her ways - really she believe the next time will be different...


Friday, July 16, 2010

I went Postal in the Post Office

It all started with my 12 year old printer - it died! This means a trip into town for stamps, library books and the purchase of a printer.

I drove into town to be first in line at the post office. As the six of us all stood waiting 10 minutes after the doors opened as the folks behind the counter talked about what they should order lunch, what movie they watched last night and puttered around moving things from here and there I was starting to feel that feeling.. As I waited - I was second in line only one representative opened his counter. The other still puttering around with stuff. Doesn't it seem reasonable to do that before the doors are to open? When it was my turn I smiled, said Good Morning and was greeted as if I was nothing more then an inconvenience. I requested 2 sheets of $1.00 stamps and was told they don't carry those. WHAT??? O.K. I will take the next largest "We do not carry those either". WHAT??? O.K. I asked "I will take the Forever stamps" and again I received "We do not carry those either". By now I was getting pissed. I stated "Let me get this straight you do carry stamps, Right"? "What one's do you have"? She gave me a look like how dare I ask. She slapped down a roll of .44 cent stamps - "THERE YOU GO - THERE IS YOUR STAMPS"...

Now, with all my might I tried not to say what I really wanted too but the other six folks behind me began to get upset for me... I said "Do you really think we are that stupid, You are running out of stamps so you can bump up the price again".. She gave me a look like "What are you going to do about it"? This is the same crap as last time - I just HATE the POSTAL SERVICE. Really, what service???

The Postal Manager of this branch is my neighbor so I requested her to step out. She came and as usual gave me a bunch of crud about how no one uses those stamps - REALLY!!!! No one uses the FOREVER stamp!!! HOW STUPID DO THE THINK WE ARE!!! The next statement was "Just print out your postage" Would if I could but also what if someone does not have a printer, or a computer - is this a way to again punish folks in lower economic levels - besides you are the Post Office - you sell postage stamps - that is your business....

Now at the point of wanting to GO POSTAL - I took the roll because I have customers who will need their goods before I settle on a new printer... As I went to my truck I sat there counting to about 500 and saying to myself "In a million years this will not matter"... I hate that we are at the mercy of a service that is anything but - they lose millions and we still have to pay for their incompetency if we wish to do business, converse with loved ones or even pay our bills... I am so sick of holding up my end in life while others get rewarded for doing anything but their job...

Is it just me??? "I am mad as HELL and I am not going to take it anymore" This sentence was great in the movie but if only we would all stand up and say it and really mean it - we might get things working again...

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gratitude Journal Giveaway July 13th - 20th

This giveaway is one that I hope will touch all of us... I know that life can sometimes just grind us into the dirt and we feel like nothing will be right again. I have had my share of those days, weeks, months and yes, even years but thru it all I have always tried to find at least one thing to be grateful for - trust me sometimes I have had to search very hard and long to do that task. The truth is we all go thru rough times but it is how we handle those rough times that mark who we are and who we will be....

So in that spirit I have created a Gratitude Journal to help you write down those large and small things that we can be ever so grateful for even in the worst of times. This journal has 160 ruled recycled paper pages so no trees where hurt in the making of this book. I have adorned the cover page with all repurposed items, velvet leaves, antique buttons, wild quail feathers, antique curtain trim along with some sweet little metal add on's. The pictures just do not do it justice but I never claim to be a good photographer - so trust me when I say you will really like this journal...

******** So here is the giveaway - I need you to write in the comment section of this posting one of the items that you are truely grateful for!! Something that you would write down in this journal. The giveaway will run from JULY 13th thru JULY 20th at midnight. So tell all your family, friends and co-workers because I have found when you share your good news the universe gives you ten fold. ********

As for me - I am thankful for all of you - you make my dark days bright - you give me a way to share my life all over the world. I love hearing about your lives, adventures, woes and stories of past generations. I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures

There is a whole new trend on "Living the Simple Life" We are having to teach folks through books, instructional DVD'S, seminars, TV talk shows, radio broadcasts and social networks what is means to "Simplify"

What is so hard about being Simple??? Have we really gotten so screwed up that we do not understand how to unplug from all the techno crap, sit down with family, friends or just yourself. Can we not make a simple meal and enjoy the fact that someone took the time, money and hard work to grow and raise the items we are eating. REALLY - do we have to have this explained to us?

I admit I am the strange one who does not have a cell phone,that I am just now trying to understand the workings of Face Book, does not have a cable hook up and yes my TV had to have a converter box to get just the basic worthless TV stations. I still listen to some of my favorite tunes on CD's - no, I do not have 8 track - I am not that bad!!! I am just wondering if all those techno gadgets are the reason why we have lost touch with all those things that now folks are trying to get back?? Just wondering!!Not Judging - Just Wondering!

Last night this simple gal had the best night ever!!! At 8:45 pm I heated up the last of the homemade peach cobbler and drizzled a bit of cream on it. Made a cold glass of ice tea with ice cubes (Yep, I rarely make ice cubes - takes up space in the freezer for more important things like food). Fluffed up the pillows on the couch and turned on the TV to PBS. As I sat in the dark waiting for "Murder on the Orient Express" with my favorite detective Hercule Poirot (Played by David Suchet) my body began to tingle... You heard me right - I felt like those folks who sat around the radio listening to every word as their weekly stories unfolded before them - such excitement, such simplicity..

As the story began, one that I have read, watched and know by heart I still felt my heart beat faster. With each nipple on the cobbler my mind was replaying each event in the story, each facial expression - the wonderful accents and clothing.. As the minutes ticked by I was transformed into the story - mind, body and sole. The cares of my daily life slipped away, the aches and pains of heavy farm work did not register for one moment and yet I could hear the sounds of my farm four legged family members outside talking amongst themselves as the evening grew darker. This is the life I thought. How could you teach this to someone??? Why would they have to be taught??

I understand it is easy to say these things as I sit far away from the street lights. I have the bright star lights. Instead of hearing ambulance sounds I hear owls hooting on top of my barn. Not having to be concerned that all my doors and windows are open to catch the sweet evening breeze which I might add is the smell of wet grass, pine trees and my silly llama boy who is still releaving himself where I do not want him too but I would take that smell over crowded city smells any day. Is this why we are having to teach the Basic Simple Life??? I admit it is easier for me to live that simple life because I have not hooked my life into all those techno gadgets that keep us a slave to continual information, disconnected connections, demands on our time that have no value - shouldn't the first thing we do is put those things on the shelf and just live in the "Right Now". Find those small things that give us pleasure and do that - instead of twittering, texting, talking and watching video games on the phone. Connect to Nature or Ourselves - you do not need a book, lecture, social network to do that - just do it!

So as the story ended all to quickly leaving me wanting more - I thanked the universe for sending me such a perfect simple night...

What is your idea of a simple pleasure??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When did you first know you HAD TO make art??

As far as I could remember I have always been drawing, crocheting, sewing and any other type of creating I could find.. I learned how to do embroidery before I could really write my name. I crocheted when I was in second grade and made special gifts for everyone I knew. I mastered beading, ceramics, sewing, cooking and painting long before my times tables. I have never known me not to wish to create something from nothing. My dreams shows me colors, textures, projects and fanciful images that make it hard to get a good nights sleep but what is sleep when the need to create takes over...

If you are like me, your house is filled with every known craft - all the necessary supplies at your finger tips, all the books, DVD's and publications to instruct you and to inspire you thru to your next project. There is a famous saying "The one who dies with the most (fill in the blank) wins! Well, I plan to win on many art horizons. I can say that about fiber (doesn't count I do it for a living), fabric (I once did that for a living too) beads, stamps, and scrapbooking.

However, lately I have felt the need to unclutter. To stop the madness and focus. Yes, I took over 200 stamps to my retail store in town and put them up for sale. Now that still leaves me with about 100 but it is a start. I brought my scrapbooking supplies there too. I even managed to take some fabric there. O.K. I still have enought to open a fabric store but baby steps I tell myself. For those of us who have to create you understand my compulsion.

I would love to hear at what age did you found that NEED to create? What are your passions and compulsions? How do you control the need to own every tool, supply and materials to create that masterpiece at a whim? Please let me know I am not the only one...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is our Value??

I am doing that Happy Dance - the Snoopy kind - this morning all my hens laid an egg!

Some might not think that a great task but my two old white hens who have not laid an egg since last year have each gifted me with a precious egg. It all started on July 2nd when I went into the coop as I do every morning and to my surprise one of the white hens had been sitting in a nesting box. She had stopped doing that when she stopped laying. She proudly hopped out of the nest to show me that there was a perfect white egg - still warm. She walked around with such pride I could not help but praise her all day long. I even gave her a handful of blueberries as a reward.

Many folks have given their opinion to me that I should put my two hens in a stew pot if they are not laying... I kept thinking how horrible! In the twenty years that I have kept chickens I have never ate a single one. Just because they can not lay an egg does not mean they don't have value. To me, just their cheerful presence more then pays for the little food they eat. I understand that other's do eat their none producing hens and if that is their farm plan then that is none of my concern. We all do things differently.

But, here is my thinking - what if we decided to lop of the heads of those humans who can no longer work - no longer produce the way they once did - I mean they are just taking up space, eating our food and having to be cared for...
I am not saying that we are chickens but how do we value living things? Do we value a living thing just for what they can give us or should we start using the label "Human Doing" instead of "Human Being"? I understand this might be a bit of a stretch for some but have you ever been at a party and the first question you are asked is "What do you do for a living"? Is that not basically say - "What is your Worth or Value to Society"?

So back to my sweet white hens. Today I think the other white hen decided to get a handfull of blueberries too.. She worked so hard at it - almost made me sad to hear her struggle to lay that sweet perfect egg. I am over the moon that my two sweet old hens have gifted me such a prize. I love them no matter what - I thank them so much for sharing their talent with me again...

What is your Value???

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Priceless" just seems to fit

"Priceless" is the word I use when I am sitting in complete bliss at my wheel. To know that I have my hands on one of my sweet animals fleece that has taken a full year to grow (Rafael is in this one) feeling it slip thru my fingers as my feet treadle at a steady pace like the heart beat of that very same animal. Then to take that yarn and start the dyepots going only to be swept up in the magical process of placing colors on my lastest creation. The time I spend may have to been calculated in order to determine the selling price but in my heart each second I spend with my animals, their fiber and making a finished yarns for my clients is "PRICELESS".

I hope you might find this offering worthy of going home with you - small price to pay for such love and devotion I have to the process.

Just Ducky - Splish Splash There is a Party Going On

After watching my Grandson for the day I was reminded of all those bathtimes I spent with my two sons. The joy, the tears (Nick hated baths until he was a year old) and tons of yellow ducks floating in the water. Once I got home I had to create something in fiber that would bring those memories back to everyone. So here it is!

You can go to my Etsy Shop and read all about the marvelous fibers I have put into these batts along with the other important information. I have also placed on FaceBook the question - What is your favorite bath time memory?? Now keep it Clean.

So Splish Splash and get those fingers and toes as wrinkly as a prune...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pomegranate Silk Rods- Happy Accident

I just love happy accidents. The other day while way too busy for my mind to keep up with I put my silk rods in the wrong glass jar of dye and before my silly brain could catch up with what I had done I then put the wrong dye on top of them. Two accidents but was great results. I guess the dyeing angel was helping this over worked dye gal....

What do you think you would do these??? Love these happy accidents to find their way to talented hands.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mystical Monica

She how the little wee one has grown!! She is holding her own with all the girls and even has been known to knock a few back with a hard head butt... As you can see her fleece is coming in quickly so I might shear in a month to get a better clip then the one earlier this year.

Monica is now great friends with her sister and Mishka takes the roll of big sis as a full time job. It warms my heart to know that since her mother's passing Monica now has someone who will watch over her, care for her and sleep with her. Monica for so many weeks missed her mother terribly but sis has filled that hole.

Monica is sure coming along nicely and she is growing some marvelous fiber too...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr M.

This handsome fellow is Miss Marples twin bother. Such a sweet yet funny fellow. He is the first to play, run, jump and get into trouble as little boys will do. He is always napping on Chief (my great pry who watches over them) like he did with his mother and sister. Like his sister, he never makes a sound but if you are very quite you can hear him make his little boy sounds. That little throat sound - something like a growl but it is there way of see who is top guy. Very silly indeed for these little boys because right now they are all sitting in the barn, scared to death of the frog's making such a racket after the weekend storms that hit the farm. I could not get them to come out and see the frogs - such silly little billies.

Anyway, Mr. M is one fine gentlemen and in two years will be a top breeding guy at someone's farm - will it be yours???

Miss Marple in the pasture with????

That sweet, white young gal is Miss Marple - look at those long, long lashes. Her mother Maggie is pure black - go figure.. Miss Marple was born 2/20/2010 along with her twin bother Mr. Magoo also pure white... Miss Marple does not leave her mother's side and that is fine with me. The little boy is not far away but is being weaned and learning the ropes of being a boy. I will post his picture on a different posting.

Miss Marple is a Pure Cashmere and her baby fleece is so fine that I have to be very careful that she does not matt up before her first hair cut. Miss Marple has always been a cleaver gal and she is always 10 steps ahead of me - which is not hard some days. She never makes a sound and is always kind to the other little ones. She will be a great mother someday - her mother has taughter her well.

What stories could you write with this little gal??

Graceful Gretal

She is impressive - look at those amazing horns and her rippling locks. She may be a show stopper but I appreciate her also for her love for her kids. Motherhood is Gretal's prime concern and then she takes time to groom those luxurious locks.

Her twins born April 2, 2009 which are Jack and Jill.. Jill gets to be with Mommy and Jack has spent the last year with the young billies. Jill is a kind gentle girl and Jack is working on his tough guy routine. Proud mother Gretal visits her son thru the pasture fence and still grooms his ears like she did when he was a wee one. Jill gets those evening cleanings too, along with still resting her head on mommies tummy like she did the day she was born.

Gretal has it all don't you think???

Sweet Shy Sitara

Thought I might give you some up to date looks and info on those who grace the pastures but remain in the back ground.

Sitara is the daughter of Esmerelda born December 17, 2008. Her twin bother Seamus has been with the boys without spending any time with mother and sister for over a year. However, now they can walk a fence line together and the moment they had that they are again spending a much time together as possible. The fence does not seem to slow them down - head butting is always a playtime activity.

Sitara also is a great big sister to Olivia. Sitara is babysitter, nurse maid and protector. She even watches over Ozzie thru the barn gate and walks with him in the early morning even if there is a fence between them.

Then there is her fleece. She is a cashmere and angora cross that has fleece to die for - I might even consider shearing her again this early fall because she is growing out so quickly. Sitara is sweet, shy, gentle soul which has been taking her time to make friends with two legged folks but she is gaining her confidence and today she is a real show stopper.

Tell me what you think of this sweet gal!

Summer Treat - Peach Pit

We still have a bit of time to wait on Peaches in Colorado so I thought this might hold us over till we can get our hands on those juicy sweet fruit. My mouth is watering just looking at this batt - I am trying hard not to keep it for myself but my mother taught me to share those things that we love the most...

Are you a Rock Hound??

I must admit as a little girl and even now I do love taking long walks in nature. I have a habit of bringing home stones, yes, I know that you are not suppose to do that but I have an illness - a need to have nature with me. I especially love to find those stones as the sunsets and their colors become magical. I have tried to capture those wonderful memories in this offering.

Read more about the fibers I have combined in this batt and those animals who donated their goodies to the project.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh How I HATE This Holiday

Again, we are off to a bumpy start to the Holiday weekend.

Last night while going out my shop door and heading to take care of the evening chores I could hear vehicles coming up the steep hill with great speed. Just as I said in my brain "Those A**holes, slow down"!! As a black older truck passed the ridge on my property next to the road there came a white SUV going so fast there was no way he was going to keep that vehicle in control.. Sure enough, that stupid red neck lost control spun out while making two circles and fliped into my windbreak fence and then my row of trees. I stood for a couple of seconds just shocked...

As my sweet little goat boys and my two senior boys ran for their dear lives and the whole farm was so frightened with all the events - that they all ran for their barns like we where under attack.

I ran into the house to call the police and also to grab my truck keys... With the horrible dry conditions I was so worried that the SUV might start a fire... As I ran outside to check on the animals and what was going on with the two vehicles I could hear the two red necks - drunk as skunks, yelling, laughing and trying to get the vehicle out of my property. They tied ropes onto it and began trying to pull it out. It was smoking under the hood and I was praying that they would get it on the dirt road before it began to flame.

As I got in the truck to go and see their license plates they started slowly driving down the road.. No police yet because we are not close enough to have them show up in any quick response. I could not get a clear look at the plates as they took off - once they saw I was coming they went way too fast again trying to get away from me. I had no desire for a car chase, rather I just wanted to get my animals calmed down and make sure all was secure on the farm.

Every year 4th of July brings out the dim witted red necks who drink too much, shoot off guns for no reason other then they can and then they shoot off illegal fireworks keeping the animals and I in a state of panic.... We have a volunteer fire department which during this weekend are always busy putting out fires because of the dim witted red necks. Last year they ran out of water the first night and had to have trucks bring in tons because we did not have enough in the various ponds around the countryside. The police response to the shooting is as follows: that they can not do anything unless I am hit and can managed to know who did it. They will not even serve a ticket if the dim witted red necks hit one of my animals. There statement was "Their only animals"...


Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh MY, I'm doing the Happy Dance

I have the wonderful honor of being included in a treasure today at:

She has call it "Natural Fibers" I am so blessed to have such wonderful folks include me in the thoughts, business and creative side.

Also, you can visit her at
There is a great contest running on her blog - so run do not walk over there and get those camera's gong.

You can also visit her etsy shop called Woolgypsy...

Again thank you so so much for taking the time to include me in your treasure...