Tuesday, November 9, 2010

100 year old Sourdough Starter

Doesn't that just look YUMMY!!!

Well it was and then some.

Not too long ago I found a wonderful shop on Etsy called http://www.alaskanskookumchuck.etsy.com/
which I proceeded to purchase a 100 year old sourdough starter. I was so excited that Yes, I did my Happy Dance all the way down the long driveway back to the house and into the kitchen. I could not wait to get started. In the packet came the dry starter, instructions and great recipes. I had to wait a few days before beginning the adventure because I had a kitchen full of dye pots and worried somehow I might get something into my starter that should not be there..

So after finishing all the dyeing projects for the week I began the starter. Now I am not new to baking but I was a mess thinking what if I killed the poor thing - it survived 100 years, it gets to my house and I kill it. I contacted Mistee (the wife/partner of the business) and asked all kinds of questions trying to make sure I was doing things right. Mistee quickly responded and was so very kind to calm me nerves and provide me with further information. With in a day things where back on track and my starter was well on it's way.

Now I have a thriving large jar of sourdough. This morning I treated myself to Sourdough Pancakes with Organic Bacon. If this was not a reason to get out of bed this morning I do not know what is - OH YEAH - snow is coming!! I relished this tasty breakfast and it kept me running all day long. I am planning for dinner tonight Sourdough Biscuits with my Sweet Potato Soup... This weekend I think I might have to try her recipe for Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls - my mouth is already watering...

For those who love a rich, sharp Sourdough you need to run not walk over to AlaskanSkookumchuck and pick you up some of this incredible starter. This would make the perfect Holiday gift for that baker in your life. Enjoy!!!

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