Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on "Special" Hen

Here is my "Special" Hen with the crooked neck. Each morning when I come into the coop I run my eyes through the sea of feathers to make sure she is up and doing well. I find myself holding my breath and my heart beats faster until I see her. I worry so about her but she is plugging along with such strength of will that she brightens each morning. I figure if this sweet gal can cluck along I have no reason to whin about my lot in life.
I am also so pleased to see she has a group of girls who sit with her, clear a path when she makes her way to the food or water. My heart sinks a bit when she goes to drink because since she can not lift her head up for the water to trickle down her throat like everyone else. Still she manages to get it done and for that I am truly grateful. I have also placed a little bowl of water in the corner that she likes to nap in just for her and I remind myself to go out several times in the day to give her fresh warm water. I wait to see her drink and to know that it went down the right way. No wonder I do not get all the things done in a day that are on my to do lists. I still feel it is a small price to pay because I want to make each day for as comfortable and grand as I can.
Many chicken experts have told me not to waste time on her because she may not live as long as the other girls, or lay eggs like the other girls and she is taking up too much of the chore time but I have had many such animals here on the farm and in my heart they are worth every minute. I get far more out of their sweet presence then I feel I am ever able to give them but I do my best and count my blessings that they have come to me..

I have been waiting for a name to come to me for this sweet gal but to date no luck - any thoughts? She deserves a grand name for her strength and will to make do with what she has been dealt.
I just don't want to keep calling her sweetie... Help please...


Split Rock Ranch said...

Name suggestions:

Artemis: Goddess of Strength
Strenua: Roman Goddess of Strength & Vigor
Nike: Greek Goddess of Strength, Speed & Victory

I personally like the name Artemis best.

Bless you for caring for her regardless of what she can provide for you in return.

Sheri said...

How about "Molly Brown" after the "unsinkable" lady who I believed also hailed from Colorado?

Jane said...

Bless you for having love in your heart for what some would label 'imperfect'. Nature makes no mistakes and she has a little purpose also. Even if it is just to make you slow down a few extra minutes in the morning and observe her strong spirit.