Monday, November 29, 2010

Name a Roo - a Funny Farm Roo !!!

Sunday I decided it was time to get some pictures of my silly Roo's... Not easy but I sat still in the corner and when everyone felt safe the Roo's allowed me to snap a few pic's..
I also figured if I was going to feed these special uninvited family members I was going to start being able to handle them without a fight. Now, I do not believe in bullying animals so I went about this slow and without them getting freaked out. By the time I got the third one in my hands the others realized I was not going to put them into hot pot or feed them to the foxes. Each one had their own rhythm and after a few rocking back and forth like you do to calm a human baby - those big Roo's closed their eyes and I could feel their body release all tension. I do not handle my hens much but I want everyone here at the farm to know that any time I touch them it is for good reason and I will do my best to help not harm. There is nothing worse then an injured chicken that will not let you touch them - trust me I have been there, done that!

So Here is the next issue WHAT TO CALL THEM??
I need some help because I have never named a Roo !! Can I have a little help from my friends?? Please!


Jane said...

How many roo's are we talking about?

larkspur funny farm said...

Hi Jane, I have counted 5 so far and that sure better be all of them!!!

PenCraft said...

If there were seven, I think the seven dwarf names would be in order. With five . . . that's a little harder. LOL