Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot Muffins at 4am

Another sleepless night - so I decided to treat myself to some freshly baked Poppy Seed Almond Muffins!!! YUMMY
Again I found myself without the ability to sleep more then a couple of hours and the need for my mind to slow down was not working. I am so glad I do not live close to people because my vacuuming at 2 am would drive them to hate me. My putting up holiday lights in the living room is great at 3 am because you can see if all of the lights are perfectly placed. Starting the dye pots at that same time takes the chill out of the log home and puts needed moisture into the air for my dry sinuses. I try to see this all as blessings in getting things done but I keep thinking soon I will be on those 24 hour long watches for arriving goat babies and then I never get to sleep.
I am on my second cup of decaf coffee and my over easy egg is ready, I butter my muffin and sit down to look over the list of projects still to be done during the daylight hours. At least I know I will have fresh muffins when I have my bean soup for dinner....
Have a productive and grand day!


Jane said...

Those muffins love wonderful. We all have that saying that if we didn't need to sleep we would get a lot done. Well you are living that quote , if you want to or not. I remember in Biology that there were a rare group of people who only needed to sleep a few hours a day. They suffered no ill effects. I hope you are one of those people, otherwise I am starting to worry about you.

larkspur funny farm said...

First it was working two jobs and going to college, then two hyperactive children and a husband who was all critically ill and need round the clock care, then it was the over 75 animals having babies and bottle kids in the house with every two hour feeds - I guess my body learned to do without. I just thought sometime it might be nice to relax and sleep a whole 8 hours - guess not!
Now worries I just fit into the Funny Farm mode.