Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still in Time Out - BAD BOY!!!

One thing you can say about my boys is they are strong willed but they forget who they are dealing with - the MOTHER of STRONG WILL - some call it other things.

This morning Peter decided he was going to let me know just how mad he is about his time out. I awoke to this horrible banging on the shop door. I thought a two legged was pounding on the door for some emergency. As I ran down stairs and get to the door I saw it was Peter - he was ramming the door - the glass door. I opened the door and again wagged my finger and yelled at him. I closed the door but that air head decided to again ram the glass door. O.K. no coffee, bare feet on the concert floor and the thought of broken glass every where made me see RED!!

I got the hook and again gave him a sharp rap on the nose. He looked at me, I looked at him and now it is going to be a test of wills. He stood his ground, I stood mine and after about 10 minutes he blinked. I always won the stare down contests so he really did not know who he was messing with - it is called the Bitch on two legs.

The moment he blinked he started to back up. With each step backwards he took I took one towards him until he lowered his head and went to sit down behind the truck. Once he settled I kept my post for another 5 minutes or so because I really wanted him to know I was not giving in. It has been five hours and he has not moved. I hope soon he realizes that this old gal does not give in and it would be in his best interests to knock it off. Those hormones in the males seem to cloud any good sense but that is true of two legged males too.


Jane said...

This would be a good learning experience for your new roosters. See what happens when you when you puff up your feathers. I bet the fiber off Peter is so strong you could pull a car with it. Or at least it should be. Your animals really make me laugh.

Fibrefanatic said...

The "Goat whisperer" comes to mind. I love reading your blog.

WhitneyB99 said...

Hey, I'm your newest follower, I like your blog! Whitney's Random Ideas

Spinners End said...

I think he is trying to block you in by laying behind your truck...the ultimate in control! Naughty boy.