Monday, November 15, 2010

Snow On and Off

The farm has been experiencing on and off snow most of the day. I worked long and hard this morning outside just in case the weather turned bad. You never can depend on the weather guesser so I have learned when there is a break in the snow RUN don't walk and get those chores done... The goat boys even get along when the weather changes - petty fighting gives way to snuggling up in the shelter and putting harsh feeling aside for the common good of warmth.
Dogs where given some leftover turkey which will give them something to smile about while they work through the cold snowy night. Snugs and Kisses all around are also required before the storm - those go a long way to keep them snug through the night - Well, at least it makes this gal feel warm and snug. Tonight the long johns are back on but the weather guessers are say 64 degrees are here in a day or two - Colorado Weather...

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