Sunday, November 7, 2010

WOW - What A Day!!!!

Even with very little sleep this old gal can work most folks into the ground.. For those who say ADHD folks never finish things - well that may be true sometimes but there is a great side to this also and it looks somthing like this.

I went outside the collect the egg (my black hen gives one each morning) and feed the ever growing hens. As I finished that task and headed back towards the house I remembered the weather man said something about snow this week so I decided to unhook all the hoses, drain them and wrap them up for storage. As I finished the three hoses it struck me that before I put them all away I should give all the water containers one last hard scrub. So off I went and scrubbed out all 15 huge waters around the farm. As I was listening to my headphones to drown out the howling wind it struck me that before I put the hoses away I should give one last washing to the walls in the girls barn before I put the hoses away. As I was finishing the last wall and getting ready to finish wrapping the last hose it struck me while I am in the girls barn it is time to move the little boys to their winter barn so the expecting mothers would have full use of the big barn. While this sounds very simple it means musical pasture moving for the whole farm. So I locked all the girls up and started the dance. It is hard to explain what this looks like but if you ever worked a Rubik Cube that is the best explanation I can give on how this goes. I have to start at the far west pasture, confine the oldest breeding billies so they do not try to distract the 3 year old billies or start fighting amongst themselves. Since they have been through this dance before they know that breeding time is coming to an end and they try their hardest to get one last shot at breaking loose and getting to the girls. Then I close off the 3 year old's so they have two pastures between the 2 year old billies. Again, this is because the 3 year old's are understanding they are plain out of dating luck. Then I drive the 2 year old billies to the far eastern pasture and lock the gates. Imagine moving a group of nine two year old humans and that is what I am dealing with - however, they love their two legged Mommy so they follow instructions much better then I ever got out of my two legged kids... Once this is done I walk to the far south pastures and have the youngest billies along with my oldest two wethers walk with me the length of the farm into their new winter barn and pasture. It amazes me that seven little guys love to follow me - they wont let me touch them but they follow me like shadows. After I closed and locked their final gate they where so excited to check out every inch of their new digs. They wanted me to walk with them just to make sure there was no monsters in the corners of their two pastures and new barn. After I showed them every inch it hit me, if I am getting everyone in their winter digs it is the perfect time to fix all fence lines and gates, put up catch pens and move all freshly washed feed and water containers. This is an important step because I have to carry water all over the farm during the winter and so placement is key. Once I finished that I figured why not get more hay moved closer to the winter digs so when are blizzards hit I have the feed routine much easier on this old gal. That meant placing the bales on my hand trolley, pulling them the length of the farm and stacking eight bales to each of the four new pastures, tarp them and while I am there I might as well do evening feeding. Then I walked all eight pastures to make sure that the animals where safe and that all felt secure.

Once I walked the whole farm again to make sure I had not forgot something (which is very common for this ADHA gal) I realized - Heck, I left to go to the chicken coop at 9:00 am I wonder what time it is because I had not stop to get a drink and I was a bit hungry... As I got in the house, took off all the dirty work clothes and made my way up to the kitchen I looked at the clock I had changed this morning at 3:00 am (which really was 2:00 am) and was shocked - my little stroll to do the simple task of feeding the hens had turned into a 7 hour ADHD Work Day!!! I admit it, to most when I am in one of these moments I look possessed, maybe I am but this is how this old gal gets things done. This is also why my sons hated working with me - once I got started I never knew when to stop.

As I sit down tonight I am thrilled that I am one step ahead of Mother Nature but really what I had planned to do today was to post new products on my Etsy and Artfire Shops. This behavior is why I never seem to be on a good eating or sleeping pattern. I learned along time ago - I AM WHAT I AM and NO REASON TO SWEAT IT..

Now you know why I live on the Funny Farm!!! To me this was a PERFECT DAY.


Jane said...

After all that you HAVE to be able to seep tonight more than 3 hours?! And monsters in the pasture.. that is so cute. I can just see them now huddled behind you, "Mom, whats that, how about over there" To cute. I am interested in what the hatchery tells you today about your roo problem.

Spinners End said...

I am tired just reading your post....

larkspur funny farm said...

Got to be by 11 pm tonight and slept thru till 4 am - WOW that is alot for me... I love doing farm work - it bring peace to my body and spinning brings it to my soul.