Friday, November 12, 2010

Time out for Peter!

After all that work Sunday to move all the Billy Boys to their winter pasture I just could not have things run smoothly - it is just the way life is. The two year old billies were really having a problem with being in the far northeast pastures - NO LIGHTS! Yes, they big boys with their huge horns are afraide of the dark. So Thursday during the bone chilling howling wind I had to go through musical pastures again. This time is was not smooth sailing because of the cold and the fact that now the older boys where not too thrilled with having to share any pasture or shelter with the adolescent billies. What to do? Where to go? My mind was swirling as the cold was stinging every inch of my body. The only place they would be safe is the large isolation paddocks which is clear on the other side of the farm - naturally!!! However in those paddocks are Johnny Cash and Sylvester which are huge billies but they are fixed. Then there is Rhett and Peter. Rhett is not the issue it is Peter!! So first I had to get Cash and Sylvester across the length of the farm into those north east pastures. That is without them coming into contact with the two year olds. Then move the two year olds all the way over to the isolation paddocks. NO ONE would move, go in the right direction or stop fighting!! The cold gets those boys fighting and with all of them at it I was starting to loose my cool. Once I got everyone where they where to be (that took 4 hours) I thought I could get in the house and get warm.

As I sat in my chair with the heat pad on my back and a cup of tea in my hands I heard the worst fighting outside. Screaming, banging, running and crashing. I ran out the shop door and there was Peter just bashing the crude out of everyone. I went out with my Shepard's hook to break it up - not the smartest of things to do but my youngest three where getting beaten up. Mom just had to step in!! So a sharp thump on Peter's nose and that sure got his attention for all of two seconds. Again I thumped him and still he was going after my little ones. So third time and that was enough to get him out of the paddock and into the huge runway. I ran to close the paddock and open the gates to the forest. I ran Peter out and locked up the gate behind him. I then went back to check in on the boys and making sure no one was cut, bleeding or worse have broken ribs. Once I knew everyone was O.K. it was time to deal with Peter.

I know what your saying "Does she really think he is going to listen"? Just like my two legged boys,I gave him my finger wagging lecture with my angry face and some foot stomping just to make sure he understood how mad I was. For the rest of the day and all night this big billy was locked out of contact with all those on the farm. Now before you worry he is not stupid, he spent the night sleeping on the mat in front of the shop and under the house lights. He nibbled on all the tender grass and even ate the last of the mint in the front bed. This morning as the sun rose I found him smack dab in the middle of the front driveway guarding the entrance to the house. He will still be in time out today because he is still trying to fight with everyone thru the fences but at least he can not do any damage to the little boys - I can not say my fence is thrilled about this arrangement but a parent has to be firm.... It is no TV, No playtime, No Special Treats for you Peter - You are in TIME OUT!!!


Jane said...

Oh these boys, cant' live with them, can't live without them. Peter looks funny there all alone. He looks like he is the last goat left in the world. And who knew you needed a nightlight?

larkspur funny farm said...

They sure don't put that in the books do they??? He is really being a butt head but I am more firm then ever..