Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What would you name this yarn???

Last night I started dyeing some sock weight washable Merino yarn. I have not worked with this type of yarn before but I have had many requests by customers to apply my dyeing techniques to this new style of mill spun yarn.

I started by placing the skeins in a pot with my special homemade soap and letting them sit for two days. That way I was sure the fibers would except the dyes in the way I had planned. I then mixed up my dye stock recipes and found my rubber gloves. I seem to get so excited to get started that many times I forget the gloves and then I have strange colored hands for a week or so. Once I laid out the skeins on top of plastic wrap I began applying the dye solutions in the way in which I hope the final product will turn out. Once the dye has settled I bring the edges of the plastic wrap to the center to make sure the dye can not run out. Then it is ready for steaming.

Once the steaming process is over I bring the packet out and open a corner of the plastic wrap. This will allow steam to release and not over process the yarn. I let the yarn come to room temp. I remove it out of the plastic and check to make sure the dye has covered the fibers correctly and that I have achieved my desired look.

With gloves back on I take the bundle and place it in my sink and run the same temp water just to cover the yarn. I add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the water and gently tap the yarn down into the water. I let this sit over night just to make sure all dye is set and that the yarn is cold by the time I work with it again.

In the morning I place the yarn in a strainer and let it drain. Then ring out any drops of water left and hang to dry. I hope to be listing this yarn very soon but here is where you come in:

Need your help in coming up with a GREAT NAME for this yarn - PLEASE!!!


Split Rock Ranch said...

Gorgeous colors Grace. My suggestion:
Cranberry Fluff (you know the holiday desert with whipped cream and chopped cranberries and walnuts?!! YUM!!)

Jane said...

What a lovely shade. It reminds me of the color of the wine I just made so I would call it "Elderberry wine"

Brenda Courtney Larson said...

Lovely color, Grace. I'd call it "Mixed Berry Jubilee"

Anonymous said...

Raspberry Parfait?
Karen in Wisconsin

Christy said...

Hey Grace - love all the name suggestions, and the yarn is absolutely beautiful!!!! What makes this spin different? Do you sell any undyed? Merino is so soft!


larkspur funny farm said...

Hi Christy - you need to place a bit more twist in the spinning. You also can not get it to felt so that is both good and bad. I will be posting some undyed very soon on both my Etsy and Artfire - just been busy getting the farm ready for winter...