Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Morning SUCKS!!! BIG TIME!!!

I awoke to the sounds of J. Cash crying so loud I could hear it thru the walls of the log home. I pulled up the shade in my bedroom to see him standing at the fence line only on three legs. I blinked several times to focus my eyes and watched as his right leg was dangling in mid-air. I went quickly down the stairs pulled on all the winter gear and headed out the door with the vet kit. He was crying up a storm and his buddy Sylvester was pacing back and forth next to him. By the time I got through all three gates he gave me a look that was heart breaking. I calmed him down, reached down and ran my hands down his leg to make sure nothing was broken. As I lifted his hoof I could see the trouble. Some how he managed to step on a hunk of ice and drive it up into the soft tissue of his hoof. My hands were stiff from the bitter cold wind and the hour of the morning but I managed to pull the hunk out, clean off and stop the bleeding and then give him his required hugs for being such a brave boy. I quickly went and got them their morning feed and with a slight limp J. Cash started the morning walking back to the feed bunkers with a story to tell the others.

So, I thought why not start the chores a bit early since I am already out here. As I headed toward the Big Billies I could see blood. So with my huge winter boots on I quickly made my way thru the snow drifts and ice patches to reach the boys. I had blood covering the crystal white snow, blood on those incredible white fleeces and six huge swirling Billies. With vet kit in hand, gloves off and my heart beating way too fast I entered the pen with the boys. Now is the time you really have to watch yourself because they are hurt, scared and running around - a mix for us all to get hurt. I stood still while I talked quietly and slowly to them. Once I got them all to stand still I could address who was hurt, where and how bad. First to come up for first aid was Sherlock - he cut his head at the horn lines which always bleeds so much. I washed the wounds and put blood stop on the cuts. I did the same to his left hind leg - a clean cut that was not deep so again cleaning and blood stop was all that was required. After I got him done there was the several kisses on the nose, hugs around the neck and a finger wagging lecture of the ills of fighting.

The other four boys just had blood on them that was not their own. Not great for fleeces but will wash out with the next storm.

The last was the worst - Hansel!! The pictures of him I just took on Sunday afternoon. He let me pet him and even stood still for the photo's (Yes, I had to put hay down but most times he still will run when he sees the camera) Such a strong, proud Billy. In fact, I had talked to him that very day of being the clean up ram for the girls. Maybe that is what started this all.

Hansel is not one to come up to me much and that's O.K. but I really needed him to let me help. One thing I really needed to do is not give him more reason to fight - so I slowly went on my knees and lowered my head (don't try this with most male animals unless you wish to be picking yourself off the ground) and waited till he was breathing slowly and also dropped his head. He then took a couple of steps towards me and allowed me to view his injury. See those incredible horns or what is known as weapons - well, he managed to snap his right horn off about half way down. The break was a lucky one because it was right at the point where the tissue ends. I say lucky because he could have bled to death but with the bitter cold and the location of the break we have a chance. He let me clean it, pour blood stop on it and get a good look at the tissue remaining. I placed a herbal pack on it and talked slowly to him while the herbs where doing their job. I rubbed his neck to calm him down but also to see if there was any injury to the spine. I feed him rescue remedy tablets and I took a couple too...

Once everyone was tended too and I made sure they ate and drank without issue I started to walk the pasture to see what in the world had started this all. I followed the tracks and blood to the forest fence line. There I found coyote prints and tons of goat hoof prints. There I also found the broken horn. My guess is the boys stood the line and Hansel must have hit his horn on the large wood fence post. Either that or he got his horn caught with one of the other boys while they where all going after the coyote and snapped it that way. These boys do not fight with each other so I know it was while defending their space. Sherlock seems to have cut is head on a broke piece of the fence because I found some of his skin and hair on the wire. WHAT A MESS! I also know have another section of fence to fix - that is a never ending project when you have big guys around..

I finished the morning chores, got back to the house and made me a cup of coffee - THIS MORNING SUCKS!!! I put the horn on the counter (that measured 10 1/2 inchs which is a little bit shy of half the length of his horn) and gave thanks that even with all the drama it could have been worse. Not the best way to end November but I just know December has to be better - I say this with all my fingers and toes crossed...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on "Special" Hen

Here is my "Special" Hen with the crooked neck. Each morning when I come into the coop I run my eyes through the sea of feathers to make sure she is up and doing well. I find myself holding my breath and my heart beats faster until I see her. I worry so about her but she is plugging along with such strength of will that she brightens each morning. I figure if this sweet gal can cluck along I have no reason to whin about my lot in life.
I am also so pleased to see she has a group of girls who sit with her, clear a path when she makes her way to the food or water. My heart sinks a bit when she goes to drink because since she can not lift her head up for the water to trickle down her throat like everyone else. Still she manages to get it done and for that I am truly grateful. I have also placed a little bowl of water in the corner that she likes to nap in just for her and I remind myself to go out several times in the day to give her fresh warm water. I wait to see her drink and to know that it went down the right way. No wonder I do not get all the things done in a day that are on my to do lists. I still feel it is a small price to pay because I want to make each day for as comfortable and grand as I can.
Many chicken experts have told me not to waste time on her because she may not live as long as the other girls, or lay eggs like the other girls and she is taking up too much of the chore time but I have had many such animals here on the farm and in my heart they are worth every minute. I get far more out of their sweet presence then I feel I am ever able to give them but I do my best and count my blessings that they have come to me..

I have been waiting for a name to come to me for this sweet gal but to date no luck - any thoughts? She deserves a grand name for her strength and will to make do with what she has been dealt.
I just don't want to keep calling her sweetie... Help please...

Name a Roo - a Funny Farm Roo !!!

Sunday I decided it was time to get some pictures of my silly Roo's... Not easy but I sat still in the corner and when everyone felt safe the Roo's allowed me to snap a few pic's..
I also figured if I was going to feed these special uninvited family members I was going to start being able to handle them without a fight. Now, I do not believe in bullying animals so I went about this slow and without them getting freaked out. By the time I got the third one in my hands the others realized I was not going to put them into hot pot or feed them to the foxes. Each one had their own rhythm and after a few rocking back and forth like you do to calm a human baby - those big Roo's closed their eyes and I could feel their body release all tension. I do not handle my hens much but I want everyone here at the farm to know that any time I touch them it is for good reason and I will do my best to help not harm. There is nothing worse then an injured chicken that will not let you touch them - trust me I have been there, done that!

So Here is the next issue WHAT TO CALL THEM??
I need some help because I have never named a Roo !! Can I have a little help from my friends?? Please!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Great start to the Day...

In the cold still air of the morning before all the animals stir and require their attention I whipped up myself a perfect batch of Pumpkin Pancakes. Along with a thin slice of real butter and hot pure Maple Syrup on the top the pancake what more could someone want?? Oh Yeah, a very hot cup of coffee with a dash of Egg Nog in it. That's right Egg Nog...

Life can be a test sometimes but with a breakfast like this I can face any challenge with my head held high... Oh and I made enough to put in the freezer for those mornings when things come part at the seams and life can not be handled with a bowl of cold cereal. Hope you greeted the morning with something special.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Critter Update - Peter

Everyone has been asking if Peter is still in time out - well, YES! He is in a pen all by himself and is being receiving his attitude adjustments each day with my assistant (4 legged bad a$$ Sophia) along with the billies who live next door. It is going to be as quick or slow as this guy wants it and for now he is on the snail path...
The almost two year old billies are sure glad Peter can not bug them any more and are trying to settle in quietly with their Dad Rhett. Some bump in the road - head butting, biting and shoving are the way they work it out but at least now I do not have to worry that someone will get seriously hurt.
With all his misbehaving Peter has lost the right to bred any of the girls who are still open - I guess that is a Big Time Out!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Half off on a great beading book

Just listed in my Artfire shop this informative book about the world of beading. If you are a beginner it is perfect to start you on the path but for those who have done a bit of beading this book will offer great projects to expand your talents. Perfect for Holiday Gift Giving. I will even gift wrap and send a card with your words to that special someone. Can't get any easier that that - sitting in your robe, cup of hot something and a few key strokes. OH and it is HALF OFF THE RETAIL PRICE - WOW!!! www.larkspurfunnyfarm.artfire.com

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Llama Love - Hand Stamp for Sale

Just up on my Etsy shop is this finely etched never used hand stamp that depicts the loving bond of three generations of Llamas. For all you Llama Lovers this is a must have for your collection.
Stop by my shop and read all about it - I have kept one in my stash but I am will to part with my spare - RUN because you will never own three llamas for this price.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hot Muffins at 4am

Another sleepless night - so I decided to treat myself to some freshly baked Poppy Seed Almond Muffins!!! YUMMY
Again I found myself without the ability to sleep more then a couple of hours and the need for my mind to slow down was not working. I am so glad I do not live close to people because my vacuuming at 2 am would drive them to hate me. My putting up holiday lights in the living room is great at 3 am because you can see if all of the lights are perfectly placed. Starting the dye pots at that same time takes the chill out of the log home and puts needed moisture into the air for my dry sinuses. I try to see this all as blessings in getting things done but I keep thinking soon I will be on those 24 hour long watches for arriving goat babies and then I never get to sleep.
I am on my second cup of decaf coffee and my over easy egg is ready, I butter my muffin and sit down to look over the list of projects still to be done during the daylight hours. At least I know I will have fresh muffins when I have my bean soup for dinner....
Have a productive and grand day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Do You Have All Your Nuts??

I mean for Winter!!! Don't be left out in the cold - get those special nuts for all your holiday decorating and gift giving. It will be a long, cold winter if you don't...

Snow On and Off

The farm has been experiencing on and off snow most of the day. I worked long and hard this morning outside just in case the weather turned bad. You never can depend on the weather guesser so I have learned when there is a break in the snow RUN don't walk and get those chores done... The goat boys even get along when the weather changes - petty fighting gives way to snuggling up in the shelter and putting harsh feeling aside for the common good of warmth.
Dogs where given some leftover turkey which will give them something to smile about while they work through the cold snowy night. Snugs and Kisses all around are also required before the storm - those go a long way to keep them snug through the night - Well, at least it makes this gal feel warm and snug. Tonight the long johns are back on but the weather guessers are say 64 degrees are here in a day or two - Colorado Weather...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still in Time Out - BAD BOY!!!

One thing you can say about my boys is they are strong willed but they forget who they are dealing with - the MOTHER of STRONG WILL - some call it other things.

This morning Peter decided he was going to let me know just how mad he is about his time out. I awoke to this horrible banging on the shop door. I thought a two legged was pounding on the door for some emergency. As I ran down stairs and get to the door I saw it was Peter - he was ramming the door - the glass door. I opened the door and again wagged my finger and yelled at him. I closed the door but that air head decided to again ram the glass door. O.K. no coffee, bare feet on the concert floor and the thought of broken glass every where made me see RED!!

I got the hook and again gave him a sharp rap on the nose. He looked at me, I looked at him and now it is going to be a test of wills. He stood his ground, I stood mine and after about 10 minutes he blinked. I always won the stare down contests so he really did not know who he was messing with - it is called the Bitch on two legs.

The moment he blinked he started to back up. With each step backwards he took I took one towards him until he lowered his head and went to sit down behind the truck. Once he settled I kept my post for another 5 minutes or so because I really wanted him to know I was not giving in. It has been five hours and he has not moved. I hope soon he realizes that this old gal does not give in and it would be in his best interests to knock it off. Those hormones in the males seem to cloud any good sense but that is true of two legged males too.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time out for Peter!

After all that work Sunday to move all the Billy Boys to their winter pasture I just could not have things run smoothly - it is just the way life is. The two year old billies were really having a problem with being in the far northeast pastures - NO LIGHTS! Yes, they big boys with their huge horns are afraide of the dark. So Thursday during the bone chilling howling wind I had to go through musical pastures again. This time is was not smooth sailing because of the cold and the fact that now the older boys where not too thrilled with having to share any pasture or shelter with the adolescent billies. What to do? Where to go? My mind was swirling as the cold was stinging every inch of my body. The only place they would be safe is the large isolation paddocks which is clear on the other side of the farm - naturally!!! However in those paddocks are Johnny Cash and Sylvester which are huge billies but they are fixed. Then there is Rhett and Peter. Rhett is not the issue it is Peter!! So first I had to get Cash and Sylvester across the length of the farm into those north east pastures. That is without them coming into contact with the two year olds. Then move the two year olds all the way over to the isolation paddocks. NO ONE would move, go in the right direction or stop fighting!! The cold gets those boys fighting and with all of them at it I was starting to loose my cool. Once I got everyone where they where to be (that took 4 hours) I thought I could get in the house and get warm.

As I sat in my chair with the heat pad on my back and a cup of tea in my hands I heard the worst fighting outside. Screaming, banging, running and crashing. I ran out the shop door and there was Peter just bashing the crude out of everyone. I went out with my Shepard's hook to break it up - not the smartest of things to do but my youngest three where getting beaten up. Mom just had to step in!! So a sharp thump on Peter's nose and that sure got his attention for all of two seconds. Again I thumped him and still he was going after my little ones. So third time and that was enough to get him out of the paddock and into the huge runway. I ran to close the paddock and open the gates to the forest. I ran Peter out and locked up the gate behind him. I then went back to check in on the boys and making sure no one was cut, bleeding or worse have broken ribs. Once I knew everyone was O.K. it was time to deal with Peter.

I know what your saying "Does she really think he is going to listen"? Just like my two legged boys,I gave him my finger wagging lecture with my angry face and some foot stomping just to make sure he understood how mad I was. For the rest of the day and all night this big billy was locked out of contact with all those on the farm. Now before you worry he is not stupid, he spent the night sleeping on the mat in front of the shop and under the house lights. He nibbled on all the tender grass and even ate the last of the mint in the front bed. This morning as the sun rose I found him smack dab in the middle of the front driveway guarding the entrance to the house. He will still be in time out today because he is still trying to fight with everyone thru the fences but at least he can not do any damage to the little boys - I can not say my fence is thrilled about this arrangement but a parent has to be firm.... It is no TV, No playtime, No Special Treats for you Peter - You are in TIME OUT!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Funny Farm First Snow

That's right we are finally seeing that white stuff and the tone of the farm changes in a matter of minutes. I must say I quicken my pace as I now have to carry water to my sweet animals - no more hoses. Also, the animals do not linger about but rather quickly go about filling their tummies to keep them warm. As the sun fills the pastures this morning I remind myself to get that rear end in gear and go to town to sock in the feed supplies for not only the four legged but for this two legged.
Another storm is expected tomorrow so no time to waste. It may not be much right now but I sure have learned never to trust the weather guessers - prepare like it will be the storm of the century and then when it is not you can enjoy those snowflakes as they tumble down.
Have a warm, safe day all! Now where did I put those coyote fur mittens??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

100 year old Sourdough Starter

Doesn't that just look YUMMY!!!

Well it was and then some.

Not too long ago I found a wonderful shop on Etsy called http://www.alaskanskookumchuck.etsy.com/
which I proceeded to purchase a 100 year old sourdough starter. I was so excited that Yes, I did my Happy Dance all the way down the long driveway back to the house and into the kitchen. I could not wait to get started. In the packet came the dry starter, instructions and great recipes. I had to wait a few days before beginning the adventure because I had a kitchen full of dye pots and worried somehow I might get something into my starter that should not be there..

So after finishing all the dyeing projects for the week I began the starter. Now I am not new to baking but I was a mess thinking what if I killed the poor thing - it survived 100 years, it gets to my house and I kill it. I contacted Mistee (the wife/partner of the business) and asked all kinds of questions trying to make sure I was doing things right. Mistee quickly responded and was so very kind to calm me nerves and provide me with further information. With in a day things where back on track and my starter was well on it's way.

Now I have a thriving large jar of sourdough. This morning I treated myself to Sourdough Pancakes with Organic Bacon. If this was not a reason to get out of bed this morning I do not know what is - OH YEAH - snow is coming!! I relished this tasty breakfast and it kept me running all day long. I am planning for dinner tonight Sourdough Biscuits with my Sweet Potato Soup... This weekend I think I might have to try her recipe for Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls - my mouth is already watering...

For those who love a rich, sharp Sourdough you need to run not walk over to AlaskanSkookumchuck and pick you up some of this incredible starter. This would make the perfect Holiday gift for that baker in your life. Enjoy!!!

What would you name this yarn???

Last night I started dyeing some sock weight washable Merino yarn. I have not worked with this type of yarn before but I have had many requests by customers to apply my dyeing techniques to this new style of mill spun yarn.

I started by placing the skeins in a pot with my special homemade soap and letting them sit for two days. That way I was sure the fibers would except the dyes in the way I had planned. I then mixed up my dye stock recipes and found my rubber gloves. I seem to get so excited to get started that many times I forget the gloves and then I have strange colored hands for a week or so. Once I laid out the skeins on top of plastic wrap I began applying the dye solutions in the way in which I hope the final product will turn out. Once the dye has settled I bring the edges of the plastic wrap to the center to make sure the dye can not run out. Then it is ready for steaming.

Once the steaming process is over I bring the packet out and open a corner of the plastic wrap. This will allow steam to release and not over process the yarn. I let the yarn come to room temp. I remove it out of the plastic and check to make sure the dye has covered the fibers correctly and that I have achieved my desired look.

With gloves back on I take the bundle and place it in my sink and run the same temp water just to cover the yarn. I add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the water and gently tap the yarn down into the water. I let this sit over night just to make sure all dye is set and that the yarn is cold by the time I work with it again.

In the morning I place the yarn in a strainer and let it drain. Then ring out any drops of water left and hang to dry. I hope to be listing this yarn very soon but here is where you come in:

Need your help in coming up with a GREAT NAME for this yarn - PLEASE!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

WOW - What A Day!!!!

Even with very little sleep this old gal can work most folks into the ground.. For those who say ADHD folks never finish things - well that may be true sometimes but there is a great side to this also and it looks somthing like this.

I went outside the collect the egg (my black hen gives one each morning) and feed the ever growing hens. As I finished that task and headed back towards the house I remembered the weather man said something about snow this week so I decided to unhook all the hoses, drain them and wrap them up for storage. As I finished the three hoses it struck me that before I put them all away I should give all the water containers one last hard scrub. So off I went and scrubbed out all 15 huge waters around the farm. As I was listening to my headphones to drown out the howling wind it struck me that before I put the hoses away I should give one last washing to the walls in the girls barn before I put the hoses away. As I was finishing the last wall and getting ready to finish wrapping the last hose it struck me while I am in the girls barn it is time to move the little boys to their winter barn so the expecting mothers would have full use of the big barn. While this sounds very simple it means musical pasture moving for the whole farm. So I locked all the girls up and started the dance. It is hard to explain what this looks like but if you ever worked a Rubik Cube that is the best explanation I can give on how this goes. I have to start at the far west pasture, confine the oldest breeding billies so they do not try to distract the 3 year old billies or start fighting amongst themselves. Since they have been through this dance before they know that breeding time is coming to an end and they try their hardest to get one last shot at breaking loose and getting to the girls. Then I close off the 3 year old's so they have two pastures between the 2 year old billies. Again, this is because the 3 year old's are understanding they are plain out of dating luck. Then I drive the 2 year old billies to the far eastern pasture and lock the gates. Imagine moving a group of nine two year old humans and that is what I am dealing with - however, they love their two legged Mommy so they follow instructions much better then I ever got out of my two legged kids... Once this is done I walk to the far south pastures and have the youngest billies along with my oldest two wethers walk with me the length of the farm into their new winter barn and pasture. It amazes me that seven little guys love to follow me - they wont let me touch them but they follow me like shadows. After I closed and locked their final gate they where so excited to check out every inch of their new digs. They wanted me to walk with them just to make sure there was no monsters in the corners of their two pastures and new barn. After I showed them every inch it hit me, if I am getting everyone in their winter digs it is the perfect time to fix all fence lines and gates, put up catch pens and move all freshly washed feed and water containers. This is an important step because I have to carry water all over the farm during the winter and so placement is key. Once I finished that I figured why not get more hay moved closer to the winter digs so when are blizzards hit I have the feed routine much easier on this old gal. That meant placing the bales on my hand trolley, pulling them the length of the farm and stacking eight bales to each of the four new pastures, tarp them and while I am there I might as well do evening feeding. Then I walked all eight pastures to make sure that the animals where safe and that all felt secure.

Once I walked the whole farm again to make sure I had not forgot something (which is very common for this ADHA gal) I realized - Heck, I left to go to the chicken coop at 9:00 am I wonder what time it is because I had not stop to get a drink and I was a bit hungry... As I got in the house, took off all the dirty work clothes and made my way up to the kitchen I looked at the clock I had changed this morning at 3:00 am (which really was 2:00 am) and was shocked - my little stroll to do the simple task of feeding the hens had turned into a 7 hour ADHD Work Day!!! I admit it, to most when I am in one of these moments I look possessed, maybe I am but this is how this old gal gets things done. This is also why my sons hated working with me - once I got started I never knew when to stop.

As I sit down tonight I am thrilled that I am one step ahead of Mother Nature but really what I had planned to do today was to post new products on my Etsy and Artfire Shops. This behavior is why I never seem to be on a good eating or sleeping pattern. I learned along time ago - I AM WHAT I AM and NO REASON TO SWEAT IT..

Now you know why I live on the Funny Farm!!! To me this was a PERFECT DAY.

Fall Back - Turn those clocks!

Well, I sure wished I could have Fallen Back to sleep - another night of going to bed at midnight and awaking at 3:00 am or should I say 2:00 am. This is really getting old. I did however get out and watch "Silver Bullet" one of my golden oldie horror movies while sitting in bed wishing those eyelids of mine would close. Finally, by 4:00 am which was really 3:00 am I got out of bed and decided to just turn the clocks back, make a pot of coffee and start labeling fiber packages for the shop. Soon I found myself lost in bags of long fluffy English Angora Bunny Fiber which made this tired old gal perk up and think of all the wonderful projects I could do with these buttery soft fibers. The hours flew by, much work was done and now I am about the tasks of emails, blogs, and paperwork....

So take that you time warp Sand Man!!! Enjoy your extra hour today - it is all a mind game anyway - NAPS all around!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting excited to OPEN up the Farm Shop!

While getting everything around the farm ready for winter I have also decided to reopen the Farm Shop!! I have had so many requests to do so this year that I just could not disappoint.

With all the wonderful clients I have on line and those who traveled to shows to get their fiber fixes over the years - it has been a while since you could come to the farm and see first hand what I do, how I do it and take home a part of the Funny Farm. Soon your waiting will be over - just in time for the Holiday Gift Giving Season.

As I am putting the shop together I thought I might give you a sneak peak to tempt you with - here is but a tiny taste.. I will be posting more pictures very soon. I finished the knitting and crocheting area, the fine and exotic baby table and presently working on the natural dyes - OH MY!!
I will also be adding a new class schedule this week and would love to know what would be of interest you in the way of classes???

1 Roo, 2 Roo, 3 Roo, and One More ! - OH NO !

While painting the last of the outbuildings Friday I was deep in thought
when all of a sudden I heard some horrible sounds from the coop. I ran as fast as my tired body could go and upon reaching the door I could see feathers flying and screams from the girls. With panic in my heart I looked around and what did I find four of my "HENS" fighting. Yes, just like you have seen on TV - all out cock fighting... I shouted "NO FIGHTING" and the coop came to a stand still. The four of them gave me a look and ran to hide themselves from my angry glare... I am so pissed!!!! Normally on this farm boys are loved and cherished but this is not making this old gal happy in the least. I have never been upset when a boy was born on this farm - I never eat you because you are a boy - you are valued and loved but I admit it I am finding it very hard to find the silver lining in this!!!!!
I am going to ask you for your help in finding the positive side in my ever growing rooster population... HELP!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Up at 3:00 am

For the past year my body wakes at around 3:00 am as if I am poked with a stick. I spring from my bed, feet on the floor and nerves jangled. Not sure what it is all about but most days I try to put myself back to bed after checking the farm, house and animals. I always feel there must be a reason but I just have not found it. Some might say that it is only to make a bathroom stop but for me that is not the issue. So - WHAT is going on???

I have always been one who runs on very little sleep - not by choice you see. First it was a baby who never slept for more then 20 minutes at a time for years, then a critically ill husband who I watched over for more then 15 years, then came the birthing watch and bottle animals in the house. Now, I think the universe says "Wait, is Grace sleeping more then four hours, WAKE UP"!!!! I must admit it, sometimes this routine is a PAIN in the you know where....

So this morning as I sprang out of bed at that grand early time of 3:15 am I decided to make me breakfast, get a jump on the emails and just be thankful for being able to spring to my feet...
Besides, the goats do not seem to mind those dark circles under my eyes as long as they get their morning kisses and plenty of hay...

Wakey, Wakey you sleepy heads.