Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Purple Mountains Majesty

As the sun rose this morning at the farm the view was amazing!!

While I am working on healing my body from what it thinks should be an issue - I give thanks for this incredible view I am greeted with this morning. I will spend the day in my fiber prep room creating at the carding machine what I hope will please those who visit my Etsy shop and if I am so lucky maybe someone will wish to bring some home. It is with the purchases from my customers that I am able to provide this home for those four legged furry family and myself. We thank you so very much and wish to share our view with you.

May this day be all the best it can be....


Candy C. said...

Beautiful view! Don't let the bug get you...fight, fight, fight!!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thanks Candy - I sure am working on it.. Not one for catching many bugs but I know I have burnt the candle at both ends for way too long.